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New cryptocurrencies and ICOs are all the craze now. We help our clients take their idea into a full-fledged Blockchain protocol with customized consensus algorithms, tokens etc. Our expertise in programming Blockchain, cryptography and peer-to-peer communication protocols can help you launch the next bitcoin or ethereum.

Blockchain Solutions

While Blockchain is making the finance sector go berserk with Blockchain financial services, the technology in itself has a variety of use cases in retail, supply chain, logistics, healthcare, gambling. We develop customized permissioned Blockchains built on top of Hyperledger Fabric and Azure to provide enterprise solutions that are fast, scalable and efficient.
Blockchain Application development

Smart Contracts Blockchain

Smart contracts is the new pseudonym for what was earlier known as business logic. Ethereum does it in Solidity and Serpent, whereas Hyperledger Fabric calls them chain code. Don't let these technical jargon scare you. Our consultants and developers will help you articulate your special idea into the Blockchain of your choice via Blockchain development services
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Blockchain as a Service

IBM Bluemix and Microsoft Azure are the frontrunners when it comes to offering Blockchain as a service (BaaS). Our team is well versed in both. Using these services allow you to quickly prototype, demo, make changes and hit the market fast. All that without hurting your pocket.
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Distributed Ledger

Distributed ledger can very well eclipse Blockchain when it comes to enterprise solutions. The idea of being able to share data between multiple agencies in a secured and trustful manner is just too compelling and opens a world of opportunities. Looking to find out how your business can benefit from Blockchain development services? Share your contact details below for a free 30 minute consultation.

Ethereum Development / Dapp Development

People are betting that Ethereum is going to be much bigger than Bitcoin in its applicability. And why not! With a market cap of over USD 2.5 billion and a huge developer community and ecosystem, the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) is said to be the world's biggest supercomputer. Several new Distributed applications (Dapps) are being released on a daily basis by utilizing Ethereum dapp development. Many of them getting hugely funded in the coin sale. Have the next great dapp idea? Or just want to learn more about dapps? Give us a shout!
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Satisfied Clients

An infrastructure company with more than 100+ projects running simultaneously, they needed a solution that could help address some of their supply chain woes and better track the material and assets being used at their construction sites. An RFID based IoT solution dovetailed with Blockchain was an ideal candidate here. This gave the management a quick glance as to where exactly the goods were in the transportation process, along with a custom dashboard that provided daily reports, helped in identifying inefficiencies, and increased transparency in their overall supply chain.

SAMB Infrastructure

A firm with over 10,000 employees and 3 business centres, they needed a way to maintain the record of their employees, and also a mechanism for new candidates to apply and verify their credentials and experience. Working in collaboration with technical training centres, a multiple node network was deployed, with a node for every participating firm and technical centres to allow for easy upload of data and verification using smart contracts.

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