Internet of Things
Internet of Things- An all in one technology marketplace that’s capable of creating a world where everyone is connecting with everything, everywhere. At Techracers, we aim to build smart solutions that optimize the value of IoT for your business.

IoT and Its Endless Possibilities


Anything to everything involving the smallest of sensor is a part of the IoT ecosystem. These things when allowed to connect and exchange data can do wonders. Imagine devices that could predict and prevent service outages, devices that can monitor systems and optimize their performances, softwares that could collect information and provide effective analysis. The list goes on.

Utilizing the IoT technology to empower your business is what we can assist you with. At Techracers, we see IoT as an incredible opportunity to bridge the real and virtual worlds for business transformation. Be it an application for mobile or tablet or web or desktop based software solutions, you can trust us with all of it.

Our IoT Services

We provide ideas and insights on the right IoT solutions to reap the benefits of Machine-to-Machine/IoT technology. Our focus is to make it easier for you to develop and deploy IoT applications within your budget and timelines. With us, you can access a broad set of innovative technologies that extend the influence of IoT

Deploy IoT platforms for business model or product innovation

Create smart, connected products

Product and service enhancements

Consultation & solution development

Bridge physical and digital to create more engaging customer experiences

Techracers IoT Application Areas

The constantly emerging field of IoT has a wide range of application areas. Be it building of automation and smart factories or trending wearables, IoT contributes to every small and big industry. With an increasingly high potential for exponential growth, we’ve identified the following key markets for IoT


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