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5:45 am UTC
Nov 16, 2017
Create Your Own Cryptocurrency

8 Tips on How To Create Your Own Cryptocurrency

From paper to paperless currency, the world is changing the way it operates. Though the concept of digital currency is yet new to the common man, the markets are blown off by it. The economy is...

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8:53 am UTC
Nov 15, 2017
Blockchain Healthcare Development

7 Things to Know About Blockchain In Healthcare

In healthcare, interoperability is defined as the ability of different computer and technology systems to communicate and exchange data across a reliable network. But when it comes to scaling of such...

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5:05 am UTC
Nov 10, 2017

5 Tips to get started with an online sports betting business

Being interested in sports betting as you are, you’ve started thinking of starting an online sports betting business of your own. The best reasons to backup your idea is that an online sports...

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1:17 pm UTC
Nov 09, 2017

SegWit2X Hard Fork: What Now And What’s Next?

If you are into bitcoins or cryptocurrencies, chances are that the term ‘SegWit2x’ rings a bell. The upcoming hard fork SegWit2x is probably the most controversial term running in the Blockchain...

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10:49 am UTC
Nov 03, 2017
How to bring new users to your fantasy sports platform (be engaging, unique and sticky)

How to bring new users to your fantasy sports platform? (be engaging, unique and sticky)

You want to be a leading fantasy sports brand. We get it! But there are, in fact, hundreds and thousands of fantasy sports website and mobile apps across the world. What would make you stand out...

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7:17 am UTC
Oct 31, 2017

Initial Coin Offering : Is it a bubble or its the future?

Initial Coin Offering is the hot trend booming in the Blockchain world. Consider it as a funding catapult for new-born cryptocurrencies to come alive into the digital world. Simply speaking, an...

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9:01 am UTC
Oct 23, 2017
Mobile App Development Process Efficient and Fast

How To Make Mobile App Development Process Efficient and Fast

While Mobile app development is the need of the hour, people who are in this business know the struggle to live up to their speed as well as quality. Rigorous development cycles and long-awaited...

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7:31 am UTC
Oct 16, 2017

Infographics – Understanding Traditional Fantasy Sports Players

Continuing our endeavour to explore fantasy sports industry and share new and interesting data with industry stakeholders, we are pleased to present yet another engaging infographics that takes a...

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7:57 am UTC
Oct 12, 2017
Social Gaming (Part 2)

Social Gaming (Part 2): Important things you need to know

SOCIAL GAMING V/S TRADITIONAL GAMBLING Social Gaming is different from Traditional Gambling. It is these differences which enable us to offer Social Gaming to a wider set of end users without having...

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7:29 am UTC
Oct 12, 2017
B2B Web Development

3 Things to Keep Away From During B2B Web Development

B2B Web Development is a system where businesses help other businesses run successfully by creating web and mobile products for them. The idea is simple and clear yet many firms tend to take a wrong...

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11:34 am UTC
Oct 09, 2017
3 Technology Trends That Are Defining the Future

3 Technology Trends That Are Defining the Future

The growing technology space has occupied even the tiniest aspects of our daily chores. From starting our day by scanning the smartphone to working all day behind the computer screens for every...

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10:14 am UTC
Oct 06, 2017
Social Gaming (Part 1)

Social Gaming (Part 1): Important things you need to know

WHAT IS SOCIAL GAMING? At the time of its inception, while thinking about Social Gaming, the only way people could relate with the idea was the likes of Farmville. In last 5 years, this landscape...

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