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Techracers is proud to be associated with Acebusters

Techracers is proud to be associated with Acebusters!

Acebusters : Making online poker fair, profitable, secure and great, again! Techracers has joined the force for revolution of online […]

sports betting software development services

Techracers launches full scale sports betting software development services

Continuing our growth story, Techracers has rolled out its sports betting and sportsbook software development services for operators world wide. […]


Racers Diaries: Fresher’s Bliss (Adding new energy to the team)

A mundane boring routine followed by hectic working schedule. Who likes that? Nah! Not us at least. After all, all […]

Effective Social Media Marketing

5 Points to Keep in Mind For Effective Social Media Marketing

How often do you open your phone and not check at least one social networking app? Well, we all know […]

China Bans ICO’s : Reasons, implications and aftermath.

On 4th September 2017 China outlawed ICO’s and issued a statement “ICO financing refers to the activity of an entity […]

Women Empowerment Techracers

Racers Diaries: Women Empowerment (Creating best place to work for everyone)

Techracers is prominently known for the rapid growth achieved in last few years. Our idea of growth is that we […]

ICO Launch

Everything you wanted to know about “How to Launch a successful ICO”?

What is an ICO? Initial coin offering or ICO is a medium of exchange or trading of cryptocurrencies of liquid […]

Fantasy Sports Engagement and Participation

Infographics – Blustering Engagement & Participation in Fantasy Sports- 2017

Fantasy sports industry is sweeping off the numbers with every passing day. From participation to engagement, the industry has brought revolution […]

Mobile App Business

Starting Your Mobile App Business? Learn these things first

Suppose you need to search a nearby restaurant to order food online. What would you do? You’ll simply take out […]


Blockchain in Healthcare

Healthcare is witnessing a transformative change where huge amount of health data of patients is compiled for treatment and prognosis. […]

Transparency in Fantasy Sports through Blockchain

Transparency in Fantasy Sports : Blockchain introduces the concept of fair play

“The More Transparency, The Better” (March 2016, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver) The question in a fantasy sports player’s mind today […]

Freelancer-VS-Blockchain Studio

Eternal dilemma : “Shall I set up an in-house development team or hire a blockchain studio?”

Blockchain is not only shifting the way we use the Internet, but it is also revolutionizing the global ecosystem towards […]

Android Oreo

Android Oreo 8.0- What’s The New Update All About?

Haven’t you heard the buzz in the Android world lately? Well, better late than never. Google has released the latest […]

Fantasy Sports Ecosystem

All You Need To Know About Fantasy Sports Ecosystem Of India

Introduction Fantasy Sports has grown big in India and the industry is all set to break records when it comes […]

Blockchain Regulation

Regulation of Blockchain Revolution: Current status and future trends

Blockchain technology has recently piqued level of interest and speculation as to how it will disrupt the existing centralized systems […]

Know what you dont know about fantasy sports industry

Know What You Don’t Know About The Fantasy Sports Industry

The world of fantasy sports is not a new name anymore. Many of us have already learned the nitty-gritty details […]

digital marketing strategy 2017-techracers-blog

5 reasons why a digital marketing strategy is crucial in 2017

Marketing has turned out to be eruptive in the last decade, especially digital marketing. We all have had experiences where […]

Blockchain Based P2P Betting Platforms : The Future of Online Betting

“Gambling has held human beings in thrall for millennia. It has been engaged in everywhere, from the dregs of society […]

Internet Of Things IoT Trends 2017

5 Internet Of Things (IoT) Trends To Know In 2017

The hot buzz around technology trends never seems to take a break. While the past year, 2016, has mostly been […]

Fantasy Sports Business Challenges

Blockchain’s Answers to the Fantasy Sports Business Challenges

With the evolution of online fantasy sports industry across the world in last decade, the industry has faced many expected […]

blockchain Bitcoin Fork

Bitcoin Fork & its Impact on Bitcoin Investments

What is Bitcoin Fork & Why did it happen? Bitcoin Fork is a permanent bifurcation in the blockchain. The users […]


Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends To Follow In 2017

While the world of social and digital are rising with each growing day, trends and experiments have gained frequency too. […]


4 Key Features of Blockchain

“Blockchain solves the problem of manipulation. When I speak about it in the West, people say they trust Google, Facebook, […]

Blockchain Immunize Business against Cyber Attacks

How Blockchain will Immunize Your Business against Cyber Attacks

Corporate environment is highly vulnerable to cyber attacks. As per Vormetric’s 2015 Insider Threat Report,  93% of U.S. Organizations were […]

Blockchain Can Make Online Transactions Safer

How blockchain can make online transactions safer

Are your online transactions safe? Are you sure that the personal information you provide to verify your identity is secure […]

How to write your first smart contract in solidity

How to write your first smart contract in solidity

The problem with learning to code on ethereum smart contracts is to know where to start from. After just learning […]

Software Development Company

Why choose a Software Development Company over a Freelance Software Developer?

Software developers for startups are in higher demand than ever as the world of software for startups has become more […]

sports league fantasy sports

Take Your Sports league to the next level with Fantasy Sports

The major challenge faced by most of the sports leagues and clubs is to increase their sports awareness and fan […]


4 Mobile Apps Predictions for 2017- Techracers

Almost each one of us wakes up with a smartphone by our bedside blinking with notifications from different mobile apps. […]

Agile Web Development

Agile Web Development in Startups

Agile web development is a method of streamlining and describing the principles for software development.Agile web development is of paramount […]

Fantasy Sports in 2017

Infographics- Fantasy Sports in 2017

FSTA (Fantasy Sports Trade Association), a leading global community of fantasy sports industry veterans from across the world, has released […]

Mobile Banking Solutions

4 Ways That Ensure Mobile Banking Is Safe

Mobility is spreading like fire and Mobile Internet is sneaking at a faster rate with reduced price of smart phones […]

Digital Marketing Business

3 Ways To Use Digital Marketing For Your Business

Digital marketing or data-driven marketing is a technique of utilizing the power of digital media for marketing businesses or individual […]

Startup Business Software

Startup Business Software: 5 Crucial Points To Consider

The process of starting a startup is exhilarating, rewarding, and satisfying. The most important element of an IT services startup […]

banking solutions techracers

Banking Solutions Delivering Seamless User Experience

Banking business today is a topic of constant digital progression with wide-ranging technology platforms. Innovation in the latest technologies is […]

Fantasy Sports Custom Development VS Ready Product

Fantasy Sports – Ready Product VS Custom Development Services

Starting a Fantasy Sports Business and wondering whether to go for a ready product or opt for custom fantasy sports […]

Blockchain loyalty program

Blockchain Loyalty Program- A Boon For Growing Industries

Customer loyalty points are one of the biggest drivers of growth for companies. A study by colloquy suggests that every […]

P2P Lending Platform

P2P Lending Platform Innovation and Importance

Banks suffered a major loss during the financial crisis of 2008-2009. This resulted in reduced loan disbursements with substantial inspection […]

React Native app for Startup

Why choosing React Native for your Start-up is a smart move?

The world of mobile apps is dynamic and ever evolving. There is a constant influx of niche technology, frameworks and […]

Top 5 iOS 11 Features

Top 5 iOS 11 Features To Know About

For all the young and hungry Apple users out there, every fall brings something new and this time it’s going […]

blockchain for logistics industry

Benefits of Blockchain for Logistics Industry

Courier services around the world are an integration of several subsystems underneath. Often big players (like FedEx, DTDC, Bluedart) have […]

Blockchain and recruitment industry

Blockchain and The Recruitment Industry

Besides finding the right candidate, another major challenge faced by recruitment personnel all around the globe is to check references […]

Blockchain Asset Registry

Blockchain and Asset Registry

An asset registry can be described a book of records that maintains the ownership status of such assets (and are […]

Hyperledger vs Ethereum

Hyperledger v/s Ethereum

A comparison probably can be made between Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric (one amongst the many Hyper ledger project). The most […]

Blockchain Application Development

Applications of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Application or Blockchain has been in the news, for all the right reasons, in the past 1 year or so. […]

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development For Startups

A start-up needs a customized solution that will be tailored to their goals, business model, selling approach, and the specifics […]

Mobile Payment Solutions

Mobile Payment- An Innovation in Financial Services

Cash is the king indeed, but the only difference is in the way it is transferred, paid, carried or distributed. […]

Fantasy Sports Audience

Fantasy Sports – An Audience Magnet for Media Houses

There are a wide variety of businesses and organizations which are associated with sports in one way or the other. […]

android instant apps

Android Instant Apps: Introduction and Insights

The number of users operating on mobile devices is increasing day by day. With this said, there’s no doubt in […]

Startup Website Development

Startup Website Development Trends in 2017

A startup’s website is a very important element. A website has the capability to make or break your startup business. […]

Fantasy Sports Mobile App

Fantasy Sports Mobile App- Taking the Industry Ahead

Let’s start with some stats first- According to statista, the total number of mobile phone users worldwide expected by 2019 […]

Coding Node JS Blog

Performance test nodejs with Artillery

We at TechRacers need to develop a node application that primarily has real time features. You can think of it […]

Social Media Optimization

6 Ways To Increase Profit Through Social Media Optimization

Have you ever analyzed how much time do you spend online? According to a study, an average person spends more […]

right technical partner for your startup

Finding the right technical partner for your startup

The phrase “Looking for a start-up partner” is one of the most searched phrase by founders! All around the globe, […]

fantasy sports league

3 Ways Through Which Fantasy Sports Leagues can Drive Fan Engagement

Fantasy sports is an evolving domain. Purely based on real-life sports, the field attracts interest from youngsters as well as […]

pitching tips startup

5 Sure Shot Pitching Tips for your Startup

A startup pitch is a brief presentation which provides a clear message about your startup vision. A startup pitch is […]

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Stepping Stones of Modern Businesses- Augmented and Virtual Reality

As compared to the olden days, the technological gap has vanished. Reality has made its way towards highly pacing technologies […]

Banner Techracers

Racers Diaries: Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai!

WOW, what a weekend! Felt like we went on a fun trip with friends. Techracers our second home where there […]

11 fundamental stages of mobile app development for your business

11 fundamental stages of mobile app development for your business

According to Mobile use statistics, approximately 90% of the time is spent on mobile apps by smartphone users. The mobile […]

8 questions to ask before starting a fantasy sports business

8 questions to ask before starting a fantasy sports business

Are you planning to enter the fantasy sports space? Yes, this is the right time to go about it. The […]

5 Ways in Which Social Media Affects your Website’s SEO | Techracers

5 Ways in Which Social Media Affects your Website’s SEO

Does your social media affect your SEO? No, or Yes or it could be a maybe. If you still think […]

Fantasy Sports Participation and Spending

Fantasy Sports Participation and Spending

It is very important for a fantasy sports operator or any fantasy sports business to understand the end user persona. […]

20 reasons why startups fails

Top 20 reasons why startups fails

For a company to run successfully, in the long run, it needs to go through various stages of experiments. With […]

web developer for starups

How to choose the right web developer for your startup?

All companies run successfully by the efforts of people and teams. In a startup, hiring a good web developer along […]

Fantasy Sports Platform

TOP 6 Must-Have Features for Fantasy Sports Platforms

Fantasy Sports is spreading its presence all across the globe. However, the US is still a major market with more […]

Tips To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

12 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

There are more than 2.3 billion active users on Social Media and this makes it a big platform for business […]


Healthcare Belongs To Mobile- Says The New Trend mHealth

Ever wondered what would it be like to sit at home and get a consultation from your doctor then and […]

Startup Jargons

25 Startup Jargons That Every Entrepreneur Must Know

Startups are trending and so is their terminology. With a whole new dictionary of its own, the startup world is […]

Fantasy Sports in USA

Re-emergence of Fantasy Sports in USA (FS 2.0)

After a long roller coaster journey full of legalities, questions and confusion, finally the fantasy sports industry has reached a […]

Cloud Computing

4 Ways How Cloud Computing Is Revolutionizing Businesses

Amongst the latest growing technological trends, cloud computing scores the top spot. According to Synergy Research Group, the worldwide cloud […]

Ever Exploding Demography of Fantasy Sports

Ever Exploding Demography of Fantasy Sports

This infographic is an attempt to present some important statistics about the fantasy sports industry which will help current and […]

8 Facebook Business Statics

8 Facebook Business Statistics

Every second there are 20,000 users on Facebook, the number itself says a lot. Facebook is not only limited to […]

info graphic for startups

Top 10 Start-Up Hotspots

All entrepreneurs are on the quest for the start-up hotspots because success of Start-Up also depends upon being in the […]

mHealth Infographics

Future of Mobile Healthcare!

Future of Mobile Healthcare!     As mobile health apps and services are becoming essential day by day in bettering […]

Automobile industry startups

Automobile industry turning digital with Startup collaboration

There’s a dramatic change in today’s economy, prompted by progress in evolving markets, fast-tracked upsurge of new technologies, sustainability policies, […]

Best digital marketing agency

7 Tips for Finding the Best Digital Marketing Agency

Businesses today are making all efforts possible to reach a wider audience than ever. Digital Marketing holds an extensive space […]

iGaming Operators

Fantasy Sports – A Goldmine for iGaming Operators

Let’s start with some stats: The value of Global Gaming Market in 2016 – US $ 99.6 billion. The MMORPG segment […]


How Technology is Taking Us to the Next Step of Telemedicine

The new models of healthcare delivery and integration of digital health technology are reaching the point of convergence. We have […]


Telemedicine- Transition & Adoption

With the introduction of innovative software development together with the sleek hardware designs, Telemedicine technology has substantially progressed. Or to […]

4 lesser known facts about fantasy sports

4 lesser known facts about fantasy sports

Yes! We all know fantasy sports. It is an industry which is not anymore new to the world. It has […]

Eliminate Startup Problems

6 Effective Ways to Eliminate Startup Problems

Eliminate Startup Problems The journey of a startup is daunting as well as exhilarating. As per a survey, “Around the […]

Techracers Website Revamped- New Idea, New Concept, and New Us

Effective today, we are launching Techracers revamped website. It was not very long ago when Techracers was established. During a […]

Race blog

Execute Your Fantasy Sports and iGaming Business Idea-Techracers

Understanding the potential and the number of ways that a company can engage their audience via iGaming, clubbed with the […]


YES! We find it awesome and fun working with Startups

We were thinking big(About startup), really big when we started to look out for our potential clientele. It all sounded […]

Online Branding

How Social Media Presence Affects Your Branding

84% of CEOs and VPs believe that Social Media helps them to take purchasing decisions. 83% people say they heard […]


Improvement in Patient Care Through Telemedicine

We can see a drastic change in telemedicine from its inception. Considering the impact of this field in healthcare half […]