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4 Mobile Apps Predictions for 2017- Techracers

Almost each one of us wakes up with a smartphone by our bedside blinking with notifications from different mobile apps. […]

Agile Web Development

Agile Web Development in Startups

Agile web development is a method of streamlining and describing the principles for software development.Agile web development is of paramount […]

Fantasy Sports in 2017

Infographics- Fantasy Sports in 2017

FSTA (Fantasy Sports Trade Association), a leading global community of fantasy sports industry veterans from across the world, has released […]

Mobile Banking Solutions

4 Ways That Ensure Mobile Banking Is Safe

Mobility is spreading like fire and Mobile Internet is sneaking at a faster rate with reduced price of smart phones […]

Digital Marketing Business

3 Ways To Use Digital Marketing For Your Business

Digital marketing or data-driven marketing is a technique of utilizing the power of digital media for marketing businesses or individual […]

Startup Business Software

Startup Business Software: 5 Crucial Points To Consider

The process of starting a startup is exhilarating, rewarding, and satisfying. The most important element of an IT services startup […]

banking solutions techracers

Banking Solutions Delivering Seamless User Experience

Banking business today is a topic of constant digital progression with wide-ranging technology platforms. Innovation in the latest technologies is […]

Fantasy Sports Custom Development VS Ready Product

Fantasy Sports – Ready Product VS Custom Development Services

Starting a Fantasy Sports Business and wondering whether to go for a ready product or opt for custom fantasy sports […]

Blockchain loyalty program

Blockchain Loyalty Program- A Boon For Growing Industries

Customer loyalty points are one of the biggest drivers of growth for companies. A study by colloquy suggests that every […]

P2P Lending Platform

P2P Lending Platform Innovation and Importance

Banks suffered a major loss during the financial crisis of 2008-2009. This resulted in reduced loan disbursements with substantial inspection […]

React Native app for Startup

Why choosing React Native for your Start-up is a smart move?

The world of mobile apps is dynamic and ever evolving. There is a constant influx of niche technology, frameworks and […]

Top 5 iOS 11 Features

Top 5 iOS 11 Features To Know About

For all the young and hungry Apple users out there, every fall brings something new and this time it’s going […]

blockchain for logistics industry

Benefits of Blockchain for Logistics Industry

Courier services around the world are an integration of several subsystems underneath. Often big players (like FedEx, DTDC, Bluedart) have […]

Blockchain and recruitment industry

Blockchain and The Recruitment Industry

Besides finding the right candidate, another major challenge faced by recruitment personnel all around the globe is to check references […]

Blockchain Asset Registry

Blockchain and Asset Registry

An asset can be defined as anything that has current or potential value. An asset registry can be described a […]

Hyperledger vs Ethereum

Hyperledger v/s Ethereum

A comparison probably can be made between Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric (one amongst the many Hyper ledger project). The most […]

Blockchain Benifits

Applications of blockchain technology

Blockchain has been in the news, for all the right reasons, in the past 1 year or so. The recent […]

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development For Startups

A start-up needs a customized solution that will be tailored to their goals, business model, selling approach, and the specifics […]

Mobile Payment Solutions

Mobile Payment- An Innovation in Financial Services

Cash is the king indeed, but the only difference is in the way it is transferred, paid, carried or distributed. […]

Fantasy Sports Audience

Fantasy Sports – An Audience Magnet for Media Houses

There are a wide variety of businesses and organizations which are associated with sports in one way or the other. […]

android instant apps

Android Instant Apps: Introduction and Insights

The number of users operating on mobile devices is increasing day by day. With this said, there’s no doubt in […]

Startup Website Development

Startup Website Development Trends in 2017

A startup’s website is a very important element. A website has the capability to make or break your startup business. […]

Fantasy Sports Mobile App

Fantasy Sports Mobile App- Taking the Industry Ahead

Let’s start with some stats first- According to statista, the total number of mobile phone users worldwide expected by 2019 […]

Coding Node JS Blog

Performance test nodejs with Artillery

We at TechRacers need to develop a node application that primarily has real time features. You can think of it […]

Social Media Optimization

6 Ways To Increase Profit Through Social Media Optimization

Have you ever analyzed how much time do you spend online? According to a study, an average person spends more […]

right technical partner for your startup

Finding the right technical partner for your startup

The phrase “Looking for a start-up partner” is one of the most searched phrase by founders! All around the globe, […]

fantasy sports league

3 Ways Through Which Fantasy Sports Leagues can Drive Fan Engagement

Fantasy sports is an evolving domain. Purely based on real-life sports, the field attracts interest from youngsters as well as […]

pitching tips startup

5 Sure Shot Pitching Tips for your Startup

A startup pitch is a brief presentation which provides a clear message about your startup vision. A startup pitch is […]

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Stepping Stones of Modern Businesses- Augmented and Virtual Reality

As compared to the olden days, the technological gap has vanished. Reality has made its way towards highly pacing technologies […]

Banner Techracers

Racers Diaries: Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai!

WOW, what a weekend! Felt like we went on a fun trip with friends. Techracers our second home where there […]