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5 Ways in Which Social Media Affects your Website’s SEO

Does your social media affect your SEO? No, or Yes or it could be a maybe. If you still think that would be a question mark for you, then congrats you have landed to a right place. To your surprise, the answer is a big YES! Dig out the impact of of social media in the following blog.

Your social media impacts on your website in many ways but the direct benefits are minutely observed and the indirect ones are endless. Let’s look at few direct benefits that your it can provides to your SEO

Social media profiles rank in search engines: Yes, that’s true! Your social profiles are the part of results that are displayed by the search engines.The search engine result content has a great influence when we talk about user behaviour. In fact, social profiles are on top results more often. When you search a company on Google you get all the social profiles included in the search results. Moreover, Google also displays the Google+ profile information of the business/product that you are looking for on the right-hand sidebar.

Social media channels act as search engine themselves: Haven’t you heard? Social is the new Google! The reason is that it can tell a lot about you or your brand than what the search engines show. Your culture, your services, your post, your shares, your content, your followers, your likes, your events and your hashtags, all are a part of your social media presence that reveals your identity to the outside world. A report says that users tend to research and believe more on the information obtained via social media than other sources.

Sharing on social media is also link building: Link building is the backbone of the SEO process and also one of the major factors that add up to bringing high rankings for your website. The good news here is that Google has now chosen to take into account the social links, posts, retweets, +1s etc.  of your brand for the process of link building. These non-manipulative ways of getting links prove to be more relevant rather than the manipulative ways like spammy link building, keyword stuffing, invisible content, etc. which result into black-hat SEO.

Google+ activity directly affects your brand’s ranking: There’s no surprise in the fact that Google takes into account your brand’s Google+ presence too. Whether it is posting your content on business pages or G+ communities or even the 1+s; everything you do on Google+ is counted. Google+ also impacts the rankings in local search results. Another benefit that one can experience with Google+ is that the posts rank instantly for the phrase which is being included in it.

Social media brings more links to your site: Your content on social media can bring new visitors to your website and more than that, the shares and retweets of the content will increase the numbers exponentially. Also, posting your website link and mentioning your website on social media channels can add up to bringing more visitors to the website.
Who needs spamming when social media is the perfect solution? Gone are the days when one needed to work aggressively in creating ‘link-juice’ and use black hat SEO techniques to generate traffic. Social media shares can significantly speed up the content indexing process. In the era of social media, it has become much easier to implement SEO to get high rankings for brands and businesses.

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