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Android Instant Apps: Introduction and Insights

The number of users operating on mobile devices is increasing day by day. With this said, there’s no doubt in believing that mobile apps are grabbing a lot of attention. Even more than the traditional browser-based web apps. The only issue while using mobile apps is the cumbersome process of finding, installing and then using them. But wait, Google has brought a solution for this- Android Instant Apps

What are Android Instant Apps?

Instant apps- The name itself reveals the idea behind this unique feature. The idea is to provide users with seamless native app experience on their mobile devices. Downloading and installing native apps consumes time but with instant apps, fragments of apps are built and published that have the capability to operate in a few seconds.

Android Instant Apps allow you to use native Android apps in a form that doesn’t even require installing. Which means the users get to experience interactive and smooth interfaces with the tap of a finger.

Latest update on Android Instant Apps

The idea of Android Instant Apps was announced back in 2016 at the Google I/O developer conference. Making the mobile experience as plain sailing as the web was the major aim behind the concept. Reaching to the implementation stages, the Android instant apps were only made available to a restricted developer circle but now the picture has changed.

Google has recently made Instant Apps available for all the developers out there so that they can develop their own apps and allow users to access them directly from Google search.

Developers can implement their ideas better with the Android Studio 3.0. Selective devices like Google Pixel include the feature and it can be accessed via Google settings. After all, there’s nothing better than a seamless browsing experience when dealing with the Internet.

Tools You’ll Need To Develop Android Instant Apps

  1. Android Studio 3.0 and the Instant Apps SDK
  2. Gradle 4.0 (Nightly)
  3. Android Plugin for Gradle 3.0.0-alpha1
  4. The Instant Apps API

Features that come in handy with Android Instant Apps

No Installation, Just Access

With Android Instant Apps, you save a lot of your time instantly. How? Just operate with the tap of a finger. Be it any search source, URL, social media or other links, you’ll be able to run the app without the fuzzy process of app installation.

Operates on Latest Android Devices

The feature of Android Instant Apps is meant for Android devices ranging from Android 6.0 through Android O. According to Google, more devices and countries (currently available in 40 countries) will be covered soon.

Current App Upgradation

You don’t even have to start from the scratch. Android Instant Apps is an upgrade to existing Android apps which already makes them a part of your life. All the old source code will remain the same with the added tools of Android Studio through which the app can be modified for users. After updation done by the developers, the users can load whichever part of the instant app that they need, where they need and whenever they need it.


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