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Android Oreo 8.0- What’s The New Update All About?

Haven’t you heard the buzz in the Android world lately? Well, better late than never. Google has released the latest version of Android; Android – 8.0 on Tuesday. Carrying the tradition forward; the company has officially named the update as Android Oreo.

As delicious as the name sounds, this new Android version is loaded with a lot of new features for its large user base. Though some of them have already been available in its counterpart from Apple, the iOS, some interesting new features have debuted in the Android first. Let’s have a look at Android Oreo features one by one:

Updated Notifications

App notifications on an Android will now be looking more like that on an iOS device. Meaning that, Android Oreo has launched its new notification scheme similar to the concept followed by Apple i.e. by placing a small dot on the top-right of the app icon.

On receiving a notification, users can long press the app icon and check their options. This will allow the users to look into the notifications which need their immediate attention more smoothly.

New emojis

Expression with emojis is all people do these days. Android Oreo is coming up with a whole new set of emojis for making communication even more fun. Though Apple is also working on its own new emojis to be updated in the iOS 11, it is expected that both the rival companies are standing strong on this front.

Boot speed minimised

While the emojis were more about the interaction on the front-end, Android Oreo has good news for the backend too. According to Google, this latest version of Android will now take even lesser time to boot the devices than ever before.

Saving enough battery time, this feature of Android will optimize usage of apps and save unnecessary power drainage in the background.

Smart Text Selection

Copy pasting can get messy sometimes when it comes to working on mobile. The smaller the screen, the tedious this process gets. Resolving this issue, the Android update has made the process easier with Smart Text Selection.

As soon as the user highlights the content, options of copy, cut and paste appear and the user can choose according to his preference. The Smart Text Selection feature is using Google’s AI for better identification.

Auto Filling Information

Introducing another option of saving time in this fast-paced world, Android Oreo brings in the feature of Autofill. User information such as names, passwords and even addresses can now be saved by this thus making the interaction more easier and time saving.

Default Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps  allow users to use native Android apps in a form that doesn’t even require installing. Which means the users get to experience interactive and smooth interfaces with the tap of a finger.

Developers can trim their app code into smaller fragments that run instantly, thus eliminating the need of unnecessary installation process. Though Android instant apps can work on any version preceding Android 6.0, it is enabled in the Oreo version of Android by default.

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