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YES! We find it awesome and fun working with Startups

We were thinking big(About startup), really big when we started to look out for our potential clientele. It all sounded impressive in our heads- leading companies, great clients, huge profits and suddenly a question popped up. Why not consider thinking big in the right direction starting with the essential smaller ideas?  After all, SMALL things consistently make a BIG difference.

This small change for us turned out to be ‘Startups’. Yes! We experienced a more efficient ‘Us’ than ever before. The challenge in working with startups helped us in realizing and extending our responsibilities along with the understanding. We also effectively got off the ground despite many challenges and learned what it takes for any business to get a go.

Here’s why we believe it is awesome to work with startups:

  1. Empathy: The belongingness and enthusiasm of a client towards a startup idea and approach towards improvement and benefit of others, makes us value our clients more.
  2. Responsible: We feel the responsibility of contributing towards the benefit of the society, assessing the risks while execution and dedicatedly making efforts to bring out the best of a shared idea.
  3. Skill development & better opportunities: Working with a startup allows us to shoot on a lot of different hats, even on the weirdest ones.  The end result was that we attained growth in skills which allows us to seize even better opportunities.
  4. Continuous Learning: Startups work irrespective of rules, deadlines or in fact timelines as they have a goal to rise up to the occasion 24×7. You learn from real startup innovators who are passionate about their mission and are just awesome.
  5. Challenging Work environment: Working with a startup is an extremely competitive, fast paced and adventurous journey. You learn to set a modest, collaborative and fun work environment working together as a team.
  6. Positive Impact: Our team feels satisfaction in building something innovative and meaningful, that can have lasting effect on society. Now we are looking forward to more challenging startup projects to work on.
  7. Recognition: Yes, we also failed while trying something new, but failures contribute to learning. It’s always a path filled with fun, dedication, ideas and innovations while working with a startup. We learnt a lot during our journey and got recognized for what we did.

For a startup, any idea is their lifetime dream and a prime earning source too. Thus, they look out for a company which can add significance to their idea, live their dream and contribute as a value added partners in attaining the dream reality.

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