September 21, 2017 Blockchain

Techracers is proud to be associated with Acebusters!

Acebusters : Making online poker fair, profitable, secure and great, again!

Techracers has joined the force for revolution of online poker. We are proud to be associated with Acebusters in making  online poker fair, profitable, secure and great, again! Acebusters aims to resolve issues by applying Ethereum to fortify the industry which was losing popularity and credibility due to scandals and scams!

The Acebusters Dapp is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain and comprises of a set of open and tamper-proof smart contracts.

Online poker industry was marred by incidents of fraud despite being a specific niche of global gambling market. Traditional online poker platforms had severe limitations like :
1) Deposit risk faced by players : Incidents of money laundering and fraud.
2) Unfair shuffling
3) Misuse of personal information of players.
4) Absence of an efficient and user friendly interface.

Also the traditional poker platforms had severe limitation that they acted as a trusted third party and shuffled cards, maintained secrecy and managed funds, due to these additional duties they charge high costs to the player.

Acebusters plans to revolutionize the entire gamut of online poker industry by

1) Enhancing Security : Elimination of banking counterparty and making user in control of bankroll at any time!
2) “Mental Poker” : Mental poker is a extensive peer to peer cryptographic protocol that would ensure that shuffling is fair and verifiable.
3) For the players, by the players : Poker economy is autonomously controlled and run by the players for the players.
4) Maintaining Anonymity : Wallet acts as a pseudonymous identifier and personal information is not shared encouraging a secure and hassle free poker experience.
 5) Better Staking : The smart contracts are independent and act as escrows, their function is versatile and can be used for staking, sidebets and many more scenarios.
6) Easy Affiliate Program : Users can instantly become an affiliate and earn upto 100% of rakeback! Sign up today!

How can you join the online poker revolution and be a part of Acebusters?
Crowdfunding will give you an opportunity to purchase the Acebusters Tokens at a Discount between 21 September 2017 (UTC 13:00) and 21 October 2017 (UTC 12:59).

Issuance of two cryptocurrencies or tokens would take place :
1) Player Token or Nutz (NTZ)  : Will protect players bankroll from market volatility.
2) Investors and affiliates token or Acebusters Power (ABP)

What’s in it for you as an investor?
Acebusters token holders would be able to participate in decision making and gain profit from growth of Dapp.It is the simplest yet most effective way to be a part of the game changing decentralized technology. Being a part of the cryptocurrency is a wise decision as 2017 is definitely the “Year of Token”. Register a new account now!

About Techracers
Techracers is a progressive Blockchain Studio helping industries to create sustainable futures by scaling blockchain technology towards broader adoption of blockchain systems. Team Techracers includes skilled Blockchain developers, business consultants and experts who understand the industry and its dynamics prolifically. We ensure that our clients needs are aligned with our technical expertise to meet the project’s objectives within a reasonable timeframe.

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