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Stepping Stones of Modern Businesses- Augmented and Virtual Reality

As compared to the olden days, the technological gap has vanished. Reality has made its way towards highly pacing technologies of virtual and augmented reality. Technologies that once seemed imaginary are now holding a strong base with facts to back them up. According to new findings, the market of augmented/virtual reality revenue forecast is revised to hit $120 billion by 2020.

With these upcoming digital trends, online technology and the shift of the Internet, we have the power to expand our efforts and grow businesses. Big shots of the tech world like Google, Microsoft, Sony, etc. are scoring by investing in projects of augmented and virtual reality. It is no longer a surprise that growing business are keeping an eye on these tech categories to harness their power even more.

Be it any startup or enterprise, the potential of using augmented and virtual reality for businesses is endless. Here are a few ways in which business can make the best of augmented and virtual reality.

Video Games- Who doesn’t like video games? Especially the ones that make you feel like you are a part of them. These days, the segment of augmented and virtual reality interests many games and players from around the world. The interesting idea is that people can actually play virtual games as if they were real.

Gaming consoles with VR technology and mobile apps with AR are on the wave of high demand. Due to their increasing popularity amongst the masses, the production and development of games based on these technologies have escalated too. This one of a kind gaming experience was lately accepted worldwide with the introduction and popularity of Pokemon Go.

Entertainment- Did you know? You can experience the pleasure of listening to a concert of your favorite band just by wearing virtual reality glasses. Yes, that’s true! The field of entertainment is getting its share of ups these days.

The scope of virtual and augmented reality is getting expanded in the movie sector too. The simple plain screen projecting a movie in cinemas is expected to be transformed into something that is capable of giving people the experience of different angles as if they were in the movie too. Popular channels like Netflix and HBO are already working on utilizing these technologies.

Travel FantasiesThe AI technology isn’t limited to any boundaries. In fact, industries like holiday and travel are getting successful in getting maximum benefits out of this by utilizing their branding and advertising efforts via AI.

On one hand, where consumers and clients are constantly filling up search engines with their ideas of their perfect travel destinations, brands are using their thought processes to formulate more tailored advertisements with greater impact. In no time, AI technology will be used hugely by companies to identify patterns of places desired by individuals and create campaigns for a specific group of users of similar choices.

In conclusion
The fast-paced technology of virtual and augmented reality is capable of transforming the world into a totally different place. Seeing their scope in a wide variety of fields, it is clear that their influence is going to be much stronger in the coming days. For startups, enterprises, and business, it is high time to scale up their mobile apps and web world by applying virtual and augmented reality concepts to stay ahead.

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