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  • React Native app for Startup

Why choosing React Native for your Start-up is a smart move?

The world of mobile apps is dynamic and ever evolving. There is a constant influx of niche technology, frameworks and platforms when it comes to developing mobile app for start-ups. This allows developers to create revolutionary mobile apps. React Native is one such cross-platform app development framework which is the prefered framework when it comes to developing mobile apps for start-ups.

React Native is most popular option when it comes to designing e-commerce app, social apps or more interactive app.It allows usage of Javascript to create apps for Android and iOS that provide the same performance as a native app.

Cross-Platform Development for developing mobile app for your start-up
Cross-Platform development involves building apps for Android and iOS both. A mobile app comprises of two major components :

  1. A server side backend
  2. App

React Native as a framework for developing your startup

What is React Native?
React Native enables development of javascript based apps that run on iOS, Android, Windows Universal Platform, and others. It was first open sourced by Facebook in 2015. It paved the way to build UI’s for the web using JavaScript.

Advantage of React Native over other frameworks for your start-up
An app developed in React Native can be deployed on both iOS and Android. iOS development and native Android development are different and individual development is expensive for startups. Languages used in both are very different too. Android uses Java and iOS uses Objective-C or Swift.

Stages of building a React Native App
The key elements of building a React native app are :

  1. The API’s
  2. The tools
  3. Platforms programming language of choice.

Why React Native for your start-up?

It is Open Source!
The gigantic community of developers help others in fixing bugs and implementing more features.

Versatility of Code
Code has to be written just once and used on various platforms like Android,iOS etc.

It is also relatively easy to maintain with lesser probability of bugs.

Better API
Only current UI state has to be considered and a track of older ones need not be kept.

Faster and easier reloading
As the need to recompilation each time a change is made is removed, the app can be refreshed in a device or simulator and/or an emulator to see the implementation of changes.This comes in handy especially when you are scaling up your start-up and implementing many changes in a short span.

Why Choose Techracers for Mobile App Development for your start-up
Our app development process revolves around what’s new to what’s next. Playing right with cross-platform apps in current dynamic marketplace is a safe move. With the increasing demand for multi-platform apps, we’ve successfully accomplished the art of cross-platform development in various domains for start-ups. In order to develop cross-platform apps based on the best industry practices, our team of developers stay up-to-date with the all the necessary standards and assure fruitful outputs for your business.

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