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Banking Solutions Delivering Seamless User Experience

Banking business today is a topic of constant digital progression with wide-ranging technology platforms. Innovation in the latest technologies is challenging the traditional banking models at every level. With consumers embracing digital and mobile channels more and more each year, the old-style banking solutions are not capable enough to meet the expectations. Banking Solutions Development is leading a revolt for a customer-centric banking model and process. Digital banking solutions and Financial Software Services are serving the banking domain in meeting customer needs and business requirements with value addition.

Banking solutions & Financial Software Development has aided the banks in being empathetic to the user by delivering simple, relevant, pervasive and secure user experience through multi-channel platforms and in turn gain a good market share.

Benefits of multi-channel banking solutions:

  1.    Manage and optimize business transactions
  2.    Increase in sales and improvement in market position
  3.    Better operating performance

With an increase in enterprise growth, it matters for banks to attract and retain more of their customers with reduced operating cost. The multi-channel banking solutions provide immediate satisfaction and convenience to consumers on the device of their choice. This also assists banking establishments in achieving corporate goals.

New technology innovation disrupting the Banking industry:

  • Chatbots: Though Bots are not new, but for some who know nothing about then- Chatbots are basically software programs playing to be people that you can connect with through text or voice. There was a time when you have to discuss a banking problem looking into the eyes of an angry bank teller via a thick glass wall. This has now modernized in the recent times and taken interaction to a new level. Welcome to Chatbots! This application has transformed the way consumers communicate with banks. Now, all that a client needs to do is, chat with the bank through an instant message from a networked device.
  • Artificial intelligence and advanced Machine Learning: While chatbots are a stunning feature of banking solutions, it is AI (artificial intelligence) that enables disruption in traditional consumer services in banks. IoT, data science and Blockchain energies the structural change in the finance vertical.  As customers use Banking Applications every day, the component of Machine Learning and AI in banking solutions makes the process more user-friendly with task forecasts. This automation delivers a smooth experience by allowing consumers to easily upload documents through their mobile camera and extract the desired data fields thereby fully-automate the credit decision procedure.
  • The open API banking/ Virtual banking: As banking and financial solutions move towards a fast and agile cloud-based environment, many financial firms will begin to promote their own app marketplaces via API programs. These apps serve as virtual banking process making daily lives easier and enabling better financial management, faster payments, increased loyalty, improved analytics and customer communication management. Thanks to virtual banking solutions that make banking activities faster, easier and secure from anywhere with just an internet connection.

Challenges associated with testing of banking solutions applications:

As banking solutions deal with critical data and allow multi-channel functionality, the banking applications and software platforms need to be tested for reliability and scalability to cater desktop, mobile, cloud, and internet. Here’s the checklist of challenges:

  1. Dynamic device support
  2. Real-time activity
  3. Usability & Security
  4. Browser compatibility
  5. Updates as per market trends
  6. Configuration and design susceptibility

If you would like to know more about our Custom Banking Solutions then connect with us.

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