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  • DFS Players - Material & Media Consumption

DFS Players – Material & Media Consumption

Being aware of fantasy sports industry is one side of the coin but if you are in the business of fantasy sports offering a DFS or season-long fantasy sports platform for users to participate in, you need to take a much deeper dive into things and have a very clear understanding of who your users are? where they are spending? and how are they consuming their favourite sports?

This infographic is an attempt to answer most of these questions effectively in order to help fantasy sports operators understand, evaluate and take informed business decisions specially when it comes to marketing a fantasy sports platform.

Techracers is an iGaming and blockchain technology studio that works very closely with its clients to execute successful iGaming businesses. Our core services include bespoke fantasy sports software design and development sportsbooks & sports betting platforms, Social gaming and prediction platforms and blockchain technologyimplementation in these iGaming platforms.

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