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5 reasons why a digital marketing strategy is crucial in 2017

Marketing has turned out to be eruptive in the last decade, especially digital marketing. We all have had experiences where we would ask a certain someone about a place or a company for realistic feedback. But times have changed now and so has our approach. How many times do you find yourself reaching out to people for feedback or information? Probably less than 20% of the time. The reason being the rapid increase in usage of technology and thus, the internet.

Wish to try out a new restaurant? Just put the name in your browser and hit search. N number of results pop up providing you the details from the location of the place to customer reviews too much more information than you asked for. That’s the power of online marketing and researches show that it is likely to increase in the coming days. Apart from being discovered on the internet, digital marketing provides you with benefits that grow your brand to the next level. Here are 5 reasons why a digital marketing strategy is crucial in 2017:

1.Digital content consumption- End-user is the ultimate king. This stands true in today’s time as customers have a lot many choices these days. With that stated, it becomes even more clear that you need to constantly remind the users about your brand existence.    

An average person spends around 5 hours daily using smartphones and gadgets and thus, it’s best to stay in touch with them within their time range. You can do this by utilizing this time optimally while sending email newsletters, text messages, offers and discounts regularly.

2. Social media disruption- Global social media use has increased by 21% in the last 12 months, reaching 2.8 billion users globally. That accounts to oodles of audiences to get attention from. If your brand needs to grow strong, it is not an option to exclude social media anymore. 

With this reach, you can target customers based on different geographies, gender, age groups etc. This, in turn, provides you with a more personalized approach to connect with your clients and prospects. Moreover, feedbacks and recommendations from customers with good follower base can prove to be fruitful for your business.

3. Increase in digital device usage- People are no more limited to using PCs or laptops or smartphones rather they tend to use all these digital devices together now. Technology has increased its reach and has made space for itself in people’s routine. Facts state that 91% of adults in the US alone keep their smartphones within an arm’s distance. With the increasing consumption of digital content and usage of digital devices, you need to make your brand stand intact in the online world too. Customers are changing their preferences and so should you.

4. Accurate analysis and ROI- With and increased digital brand presence, your revenues are likely to increase too. If you haven’t yet involved yourselves in the maze of SEO and Google analytics, you can find plenty of information on the internet and learn how these elements can raise your brand value online. The better you target your customer, the better there are chances of conversion and that too with clear numbers and statistics.

In fact, if you are new to the online world, you can always find a technical partner for your firm to go through these aspects of digital marketing for your brand. This will allow you to focus on your main business and generate even more ROI by using the power of online.

5. Increases cost-effectiveness- While traditional marketing is effective in its own way, digital marketing is more cost-effective. This factor is essentially important for SMEs and startups who have limited resources and capital. Digital marketing gives you a choice of investing your budget effectively by targeting specific markets and demographics and you can always check the accuracy and impact of your campaigns via reports. This will help you utilize your budget in the best way possible.

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