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Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends To Follow In 2017

While the world of social and digital are rising with each growing day, trends and experiments have gained frequency too. Impact of bringing digital technology into businesses ranges from increase in revenues to growth in leads and even better conversion of leads to customers. 

With this being said, there’s no doubt left in assuming that digital marketing is a promising and profitable technique for you, if you are holding an online business. Even for the offline businesses, it is an importantly growing need to shift online so as to gain maximum benefits.

Recently rising social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are the bread and butter for many individuals showcasing their small business. Whereas, established brands are also ensuring to stay and work on these platforms to stay apace with the audience. Understanding the importance of digital, we’ve listed the top 3 digital marketing trends to follow in 2017.

1) Video content

Have you noticed the sudden shift of all the social platforms towards videos and stories? The idea is to deliver maximum content in minimum time. With an average attention span of merely 8 seconds in adults, digital platforms are highly focussed on capturing most of it. Almost 50% of mobile traffic is being driven by video content this year and with the new feature of adding stories, users are even more engaged. Their will to stay connected to brands and influencers has reached a new level.

Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook live, Snapchat etc. are making it painless for brands to stay connected to their audiences and share latest updates, news and broadcasts. Increased involvement of targeted audiences in video content is expected to grow even more in the coming months.

2) Wearable mobile devices

The number of mobile phone users globally will surpass five billion by the middle of this year, according to a study released Monday by GSMA, the association of mobile operators. Such huge numbers make it increasingly important for businesses to understand the importance of mobile marketing.

According to Forbes, the wearables market exceeded $2 billion in 2015, will hit almost 3 billion this year and over 4 billion in 2017. Since these increasing numbers direct towards huge marketing potential in the coming days, new strategies and digital marketing trends are constantly being discovered by the marketeers for engaging the digital audience.

Wearable mobile devices are all about information in glimpses and glances. Therefore, businesses and companies are focusing on creating content that is relevant, usable and consume less than a few seconds.

3) Interactive digital content

Interactive digital content is something that requires the users to participate and connect with the brand. Cutting through the noise, major players in digital marketing focus on keeping it short and worthy of user’s attention. Digital content involving effective engagement include quizzes, contests, customers’ opinions etc. These capture the much needed attention of the users and in turn, allows them to participate.

The rate of conversions increases with the participation of users moderately with the time. The key is to keep the quality of content worth engaging. Brands and businesses are constantly searching for methods to communicate with their customers and that’s how interactive content becomes one of the more valuable digital marketing trends for the coming days in 2017.

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