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Fantasy Sports – An Audience Magnet for Media Houses

There are a wide variety of businesses and organizations which are associated with sports in one way or the other. Digital Media is an industry which is very closely associated with sports and it plays a very important role in the sports ecosystem. Despite this close affair with sports, the biggest challenge for media companies is to increase the consumption of their sports content and identify new revenue lines.

One of the innovative methods that solve this problem is Fantasy Sports. In the sports media world, fantasy sports is more than ‘just a business’. Think of it as a concept at a bigger level. The one which has different implementations and benefits for every business that uses it.

Below mentioned facts prove the point and show how big media houses have been associated with fantasy sports and are benefiting from it.

  1.  Major media companies like Comcast, NBC Sports, and Time Warner have invested in the fantasy sports giant FanDuel.
  2.  Similarly, Fox Sports has invested in DraftKings (2nd Major player in US fantasy sports market)
  3.  Yahoo’s fantasy sports revenue has increased from $127 Million in 2009 to $250 Million in 2015.
  4.  Similarly, ESPN’s fantasy sports revenues have leaped from $99 Million to $180Million for the same period (i.e. 2009 to 2015)

When users/readers participate in a fantasy contest, they go to various resources for research in order to come up with their best line-up for the week or day. Having sports content and fantasy contest on the same platform gives media houses an edge over others. The users/readers spend more time reading sports content relevant to their fantasy contests. This, in turn, makes the media houses more audience and increased engagement.

Also, in order to play a fantasy contest, users/readers need to register first. For media houses, fantasy sports is a tool that brings them closer to their existing digital audience through registrations and increased sports content consumption.

Our team at Techracers specializes in fantasy sports web design and development. Our expert cross-platform integration team can help you with integrating a bespoke fantasy solution platform to your existing system. We develop and design these platforms keeping your geographies, sports, exposures and business priorities in mind.

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June 30th, 2017|iGaming & Fantasy Sports|