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  • Know what you dont know about fantasy sports industry

Know What You Don’t Know About The Fantasy Sports Industry

The world of fantasy sports is not a new name anymore. Many of us have already learned the nitty-gritty details about the fantasy sports games and the industry. From the rules of playing to the step-by-step process of the gameplay, enough has been said and established.

Moreover, the curiosity of fans, followers, and the players revolving around the industry especially the legalities and licensing have been the most talked about issues so far!

But the game is not yet over. The Fantasy Sports Industry has been growing so drastically that the amount of data and information is constantly increasing. In this article, we have gathered intriguing insights and facts to throw light upon the latest updates of the fantasy sports domain. Credits to the FSTA (Fantasy Sports Trade Association) team for their deep research which helped us figure out these interesting facts. So, let’s get started.

  1. The fantasy sports industry size in terms of revenue is $7.22 billion and in terms of participation, the industry has grown to 59.3 million players playing including both USA and CANADA in 2017. This is a 3.3 % jump from last year.
  2. Out of this $7.22 billion, $3.27 is contributed from traditional a season long fantasy, $2.91 billion from DFS and $1.04 from the ancillary activities.
  3. Fantasy sports players are spending a lot on related(ancillary) activities. An estimated $1 Billion dollar is spent on organizing parties, events, purchasing goods, memorabilia etc.
  4. 82% of traditional season fantasy sports players participate in paid fantasy sports contests.
  5. 84% of traditional fantasy sports players attend draft parties and draft events for “all sports”. When it comes to “fantasy soccer”, the number leaps to 92%. Out of these, 67% attend these parties organized at a private house or flat, 54% at local bar/restaurant and 45% at a chain bar/restaurant. And to your surprise 1% online ?
  6. 57% of traditional season long fantasy players enjoy non-draft parties and events like night bars, sports event, league dinner, group trips, golfing etc.
  7. 68% of the fantasy leagues spend money every season in order to punish the league loser. This spending is for tattoo, humiliating trophy, embarrassing tasks to complete, t-shirts etc.
  8. Coming to daily fantasy sports, DFS players tend to spend 11% more money on purchasing material and information to draft better team and win their contests.
  9. To add spice to the DFS scenario, 72% DFS players are involved in side bets with another member of fantasy contest. For example, ‘my team will outscore your team this week/season’, or a ‘high score of the week contest’.
  10. 70% of fantasy sports player visit casinos monthly or more often and participate in most of the entertainment activates.
  11. Fantasy Sports are using ride sharing app for commute. 80% uses Uber and 72% Lyft.

Biggest takeaways for a fantasy sports operators

  1. Fantasy sports players are big time entertainment seekers. They are flexible and open to try and accept new products and features. These statistics showing the $1 billion spending on ancillary activities proves that the participants are ready to spend big time to enhance their experience.
  2. Fantasy sports is not just about creating fantasy teams and competing with each other. It is far more than that. It’s a reason for society to come close to each through parties, outings, and entertainment.
  3. Despite various challenges, the fantasy sports industry has shown a stable growth in last one decade. The biggest challenge today is to induce trust, transparency, and fairness in the game to increase new user acquisition.

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