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  • 11 fundamental stages of mobile app development for your business

11 fundamental stages of mobile app development for your business

According to Mobile use statistics, approximately 90% of the time is spent on mobile apps by smartphone users. The mobile app development market is booming and mobile apps account for about 42% of sales for Fortune 500 companies.
Around 8 apps are launched on daily basis for iOS and Android devices. By mid-2016, about 130 million apps were downloaded from Apple App store and approximately 65 billion apps had been downloaded from Google Play.
What could be the essentials of a successful mobile app in this ever evolving and highly competitive mobile app development market?
The app must be spectacular in terms of functionality, usage, and design. All these elements must be gotten right at the very first go.

We have summarised the key stages of bringing your app idea to life.

Stage 1: Creating a clear outline of your mobile app development goal
The objective of the mobile app must be clearly defined such as:

  1. App’s benefits
  2. Scope of usage
  3. Target Age Group
  4. Which unique problem is the app going to solve and how?

Stage 2: Making some rough sketches
To identify the main features and conceptualize them. It would also help to lay the foundation for the future interface of your mobile app development project.

Stage 3: Research
This step is crucial in identifying:

  1. Competitors in the market with similar features
  2. To find interface and design inspirations
  3. Assess technical requirements and check technical feasibility
  4. Identify marketing strategy and figure out revenue generation method for your app.

Stage 4: Wireframe and Storyboard Creation
At this stage, you have to create a mockup or a prototype. A storyboard should also be created to build a clear roadmap to assess navigation from one screen to another and connection between each screen.

Stage 5: Defining back end of your app
The previous stage would act as a foundation for your backend. If you identify and include data diagrams, APIs and server, this would be a reference for the developer and would serve as a ready base. These details could also be modified as per technical requirements and limitations.

Stage 6: Prototype testing
Ask people to help you review the prototype to get an unbiased feedback. You can give them a temporary access to the wireframe and ask them to do a trial. This will help you identify the faults and dead end links. If possible, be with them during the trail to see how an endpoint user would use the app.

Stage 7:  Building the App’s backend
The developer has to set up servers, databases, APIs and storage solutions. As account approval may take several days (depending upon the platform), this step shouldn’t be left to be done at the last minute.

Stage 8: Designing App skins
App skins are the individual screens for your app. High-resolution versions of wireframes would be created by the designer. Ensure that all comments and feedback given by prototype testers are taken into consideration so that a perfect user interface is developed.

Stage 9: Retesting
This is an important step as this is the final testing after implementation of the actual idea and design.

Stage 10: Revising and rebuilding
Implement suggestions for improving usage and polish your app idea. Refine each detail and monitor closely.

Stage 11: Release the app
App marketplaces have different policies when it comes to publishing a new app.Once the app is listed on app store of your choice, you can market it.

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