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5 Internet Of Things (IoT) Trends To Know In 2017

The hot buzz around technology trends never seems to take a break. While the past year, 2016, has mostly been about emerging technologies, the future is more focused on their penetration in the markets. Where Internet of Things has well-established its name among market leaders like Apple and Google, it has also found many ways and applications to make people’s life truly easier with smart offices and homes.

With utilities to improve energy consumption and security, IoT brings a new revolution in the world. Controlled locking systems, smart refrigerators, and other smart devices are expected to develop even more in the coming days. Such huge potential in smart applications makes IoT even more important and so does its information. So whether you are a start-up or an industry leader, you need to keep an eye on the following five Internet of Things trends for 2017:

Growth in Distinct Verticals

Other than its traditional applications in home appliances and thermostats, Internet of Things has emerged as a useful technology in many new verticals as well. It has found its way to fit into people’s lives with applications in smart automobiles, climate control, and security products. Therefore, different industries and verticals can now see a chance to get connected smoothly via IoT in the coming future.

New IoT Marketplaces

IoT marketplaces allow a variety of vendors to connect and serve their offerings without the headache of creating a platform of their own. Businesses looking out for modernization and automation have one answer as Internet of Things to all their problems of time-consuming processes and old devices. Effective cost-sharing is possible for those within the IoT marketplace by utilizing shared data and tools.

Big Data Goes The Way Of IoT

IoT analytics is probably expected to steal the limelight in 2017. And when it comes to analytics, Big Data cannot be excluded. Both these technologies when combined and used together will create greater benefits. For instance, storing the data obtained via big data on cloud platforms and processing it through Internet of Things analytics can give powerful insights. Multiple patterns can be obtained thereby, increasing the amount of useful information.

IoT and Machine Learning

IoT is all about connecting devices together and it can escalate the ability of machine learning technology by doing so. Wondering how? When devices from multiple resources are connected, a wide variety of patterns are expected to emerge out. A machine learning algorithm is capable of making predictions and compare and adjust them thus, making them accurate. These predictive analytics can prove to be highly valuable for many IoT apps.

Increased Focus on Security

Connecting more and more devices together means increased concern of security. This stood as one of the major hurdles in the IoT race so far but solutions for security have raised over the time period. Security ecosystems by startups and technologies such as Blockchain are solutions for IoT security. Different applications have emerged ensuring how blockchain can help with security, privacy and efficiency issues for financial and non-financial transactions amongst connected IoT devices.

Growing number of startups and organizations in the Internet of Things domain are making 2017 an important time for changing people’s lives and businesses.

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