Applying emerging technologies to develop
groundbreaking solutions, applications and protocols

Academic Partnerships

Teaming up with prestigious institutions to solidify
technology innovation

Future Use Cases

Taking a deep dive into future with emerging
technologies & their business impacts

Innovating and Re-modelling
the World Around Us

Techracers Labs is a technology innovation hub focused on researching and fostering growth of groundbreaking technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Quantum Computing to name a few. We develop, amplify and crystallize existing technologies and work rigorously towards discovering and augmenting the new ones.

With dedicated research teams and growing academic partnerships, our blockchain lab works towards the advancement of high quality research and development of scalable and fastest blockchains for a better future. Our aim is to focus on R&D, Innovation and Research.

Future Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence

  • Automating cyber-security using Artificial Intelligence
  • Optimized advertising using Artificial Intelligence
  • Faster security checks on airports using face recognition

Internet of Things

  • Helping farmers using Internet of Things
  • Smart cities using IoT
  • New ways to automate home via AI (Alarm clock connected to coffee machine, etc.)

Virtual Reality

  • E-commerce using virtual reality
  • Museums using virtual reality
  • Restaurant experience using virtual reality (food will be delivered at home, ambience using virtual reality)

Techracers Research

  • Improving scalability for blockchain's mass adoption
  • Dedicated researchers working on solving scalability trilemma
  • On a constant search for driving higher value in terms of Blockchain Scalability