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4 Mobile Apps Predictions for 2017- Techracers

Almost each one of us wakes up with a smartphone by our bedside blinking with notifications from different mobile apps. With the rise of mobile technology, the usage of smartphones and mobile apps has grown significantly. While last year was all about enterprise apps and content consumption, this year brings latest trends like Android instant apps, Virtual reality & Artificial Intelligence, wearables, and much more. We’ve listed the top 5 mobile app predictions for 2017 here.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

The scope of Augmented reality and virtual reality, in the mobile world, is increasing with every passing day. As these technologies bring a more realistic connection to the world by keeping the users engaged, they are hugely accepted worldwide. The remarkable success of games like PokemonGo are a proof for this.

The gaming and entertainment industry is hugely impacted by AR and VR and hence, mobile apps based on these technologies are constantly being worked upon. In the year of 2017, mobile apps based on these concepts are expected to bring a massive growth in the industry.

Android Instant Apps-

Gone are the days of using web based apps. The world is taking a shift by using mobile apps at their best potential to save time and improve efficiency. However, traditional mobile apps are now ready to be replaced by Android instant apps. These new in-demand applications are based on the technology that involves no installation and no downloading for using them. All people have to do is just a tap and get started anytime and anywhere.

In a fast-paced time like today, no one wants to wait for an app to install and download. Hence, the quick mobile experience provided by Android instant apps is one of the major reasons why they will be in vogue in 2017.

Cloud-based mobile apps

With the options of real-time updates, cost optimization, scalability and flexibility, cloud computing technology is revolutionizing businesses. Mobile apps have been made more powerful as they can directly collect data from cloud and optimize the use of memory in smartphones. This has resulted in saving a lot of space thus, improving the functionality of devices and making them fast.

Cloud-based mobile apps have another reason to find growth in the market as cloud computing gives amazing options to use multiple devices in synchronization. This will also equip other technologies like IoT, AI and wearables to grow better and improve the functionalities.

Hybrid app development

While native app development has a established itself strongly among the consumers and developers, hybrid apps are slowly bringing in new appeal. Mobile apps using hybrid technology have multiple benefits. They are economic, fast to develop and can be used on multiple operating systems accordingly. Therefore, hybrid apps are gaining popularity among the masses over traditional apps.

About Techracers

Techracers is an established IT firm excelling in the domain of web and mobile development. With a strong team of technical experts, we handle the full life cycle of development for all our services including mobile application development, custom software development, web application development, QA services, cloud computing and IoT Solutions. We help businesses evolve via innovation & automation in industries like – iGaming, Fintech, and Digital Start-ups.

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