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  • Fantasy Sports Engagement and Participation

Infographics – Blustering Engagement & Participation in Fantasy Sports- 2017

Fantasy sports industry is sweeping off the numbers with every passing day. From participation to engagement, the industry has brought revolution in different spheres. Continuing the latest buzz of the Fantasy Sports industry, here’s an infographic that showcases the engagement and participation details for 2017.

It showcases the year-wise engagement percentage on different platforms including NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL. Along with this, we’ve also listed out the continuously increasing participation of the players in traditional and DFS game formats. At Techracers, we aim to keep track of the industry’s late in order to keep our readers posted with fresh insights. We understand how every announcement, news flash or release can impact the industry as well as people and businesses connected to it.

From iGaming operators to sports leagues to media houses and entrepreneurs, everyone needs to be equipped with latest facts and figures and we are pleased to provide just that. Playing the role of your ideal IT partner, we support and assist you in your business strategies in order to help you make better decisions for your fantasy sports website design & development plans.

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