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5 Sure Shot Pitching Tips for your Startup

A startup pitch is a brief presentation which provides a clear message about your startup vision. A startup pitch is usually given to venture groups, potential customers, meet up groups and investors. It is vital to convey the message clearly, you may have to slightly modify it as per your audience. However, the crux should be strong and should remain the same.

Here are some key factors that need to be taken into consideration to draft a good start-up pitch:

Do your due diligence: Understand the type of information that the target audience would be interested in. For instance, a potential investor would be interested in knowing the ROI (Return On Investment). Whereas potential customers would be more interested in knowing how your startup would be beneficial for them. Learn what you need to deliver.

Draft a succinct pitch: The pitch should be crisp and engaging. No one would want to hear a redundant or boring speech. Hence, put across your point with passion and team it up with relevant technical inputs.

The “Elevator Pitch” should be of 10 words or less: Ideally, you should start with the problem your startup would address.  In the following part, you can switch to how it would do so. Your elevator pitch should be short and informative at the same time.

Back up your pitch with facts and statistics: Numbers are effective and dependable. Therefore, your pitch should contain facts, figures, and statistics that support your point. Try to quantify the revenue generation parameters. Showcase your most relevant traction metrics and highlight your potential growth with market metrics.

Highlight your USP (Unique Selling Property): How is your startup different and profitable as compared to other start-ups in the market? What makes your idea stand out? Make sure you mention the answer to these questions in your startup pitch and they reflect your thought clearly and precisely.

Use analogies if necessary: Relatable things make the process of understanding less tedious and more interesting. Use references that your audience will relate to and understand your concept better.

Close like a pro: The closing of the pitch should leave a lasting impression on the mind of the audience. Sell your vision, mostly people fall in love with the vision and the passion the founder is willing to put in. Answer the questions asked with confidence while keeping body language natural.

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