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Racers Diaries: Fresher’s Bliss (Adding new energy to the team)

A mundane boring routine followed by hectic working schedule. Who likes that? Nah! Not us at least. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. To stay chirpy and productive, our in-house Techracers team keeps coming up with new ideas and activities.

And this time it was all about the new freshers’ batch joining…


On the eve of freshers joining we had several things planned up and zestful suggestions were coming up by the Tech Toofani’s- Our in house party enthusiasts. We were planning a great day to start with! There were many things we could do and were redundant to do. Our ideas were more than enough to make someone’s first day at work pretty good. The struggle with us is that we never get satisfied with the good we always want it to be amazing. Keeping up the tradition alive, we decided to do something crazy and finally, we decided to break the ice with a FLASH MOB.

Yes, we decided to perform a flash mob! As the news spread over, it took the team to a new excitement level. Our hands were full with too many tasks like deciding the songs, talking to the choreographer & on the top of it, taking hard-core practice sessions. We knew it won’t be a piece of cake & we had to pull it off.



This was going to be a big day for the freshers who were soon going to be a part of the Techracers family as we had a perfect cocktail of 100% masti already prepared for them. A perfect blend of peppy dance moves, sweet musical tracks & a little bit tadka of a prank. 😉


Within few days team was asked to share the participations & we got huge number of entries for it. Very soon everyone hit the practice sessions. We all had a great time practising the groovy dance moves. There were back-to-back two days of serious practice with all the desi and videshi dance steps. It was totally a great experience. Finally, we were all set, to set the stage on fire.

Final Day- 3rd July 2017

All the dots were connected, we were finally going to bring the plan into action.

As per the plan, we played a thrilling welcome prank on them, we shot our Brahmastra. They were then asked to sign a 3 year bond with us (something in which we don’t believe at all). Now they were all numb & we left them alone to boggle their minds. They had nothing to say, nor did they know how to react to the situation. Among them, we had set some of our very own Jasoos, who were to play and pretend as if they had no clue of what was going on. These little mischievous brains provoked them to do something crazy 😛


We didn’t end the prank there, they still believed that soon they have to sign an NOC with us. Without clearing their confusion, we took them over the work place, which led to the actual surprise- The Flash Mob. It all began with the team posing on their workstations according to the Mannequin theme. They kept walking and staring at these statue-like figures as they honestly had no idea about what was going on.. Regardless, those novices were just trying to adapt themselves to a strange new place and even stranger events happening around them on the very first day at work.


Cut to the chase, the event began. The music took over the place and group of girls started swaying. Soon enough, entire Techracers family joined along with dancing and grooving in sync with the dance moves. It was a sight to witness, with the happy faces dancing, clapping and snapping all over the place. What better way to end the event with an echoing sound of “Welcome to the Techracers family.”

This is how we celebrated and welcomed new members to the Techracers family.


And last but not the least, don’t forget to keep an eye on our upcoming blogs… We have another story waiting for you in the days to come!


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