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Smart Contract Security Audit

Hacks in the crypto-world is the biggest challenge that a new crypto-entrepreneur faces. A simple glitch in the code could lead to millions get siphoned from your wallet. Protect your funds with Techracers’ auditing services

Fintech needs

Need for Auditing Smart Contracts

Self-executing contracts that contain and validate certain terms and conditions of agreement between sellers and buyers in the form of code are termed as Smart contracts.

Since the agreements stored in smart contracts are of crucial importance for multiple parties involved, it’s necessary to secure these agreements from hackers via security audit. Every smart contract needs an audit in order to prevent issues like data loss, breaches and thefts.

Fintech needs

Our Smart Contract Security Audit Services

What Makes us Good at Smart Contracts Auditing?

Automated and Manual Analysis of the code-1

Automated Auditing
The code is run through all available automated tools to identify any glaring known vulnerability. These tools check the application’s logic for backdoors and discrepancies to the declared behavior. Data flow and control flow are analyzed to identify smart contract vulnerabilities. While these tools are used in the development phase as well, auditing phase performs a double check.

Detailed Audit report and

Manual Multiple Reviews
Once the code passes the basic automated auditing, it is then manually vetted by multiple reviewers. Our Smart Contract Audit Services include a double review of your entire smart contract code. The first phase is executed by a senior Blockchain auditor, and a secondary combing of the code is done by a Senior Blockchain Architect from our team. This includes accessing the existence of any possible known hack in the code, Vetting of the libraries, Gas Consumption Audit and a deep analysis of any security issue that has been left missing.

An Extensive Checklist

An Extensive Checklist
We follow an extensive checklist of items in order to complete our manual auditing process. This checklist includes checking for all discovered attacks, locked money, DOS patterns, gasless send, ordering dependence, functions visibility, gas limit errors, timestamp dependence, input validations and S.O.S recovery mechanism etc.

Grading System (1)

Grading System
Our review process grades your Smart Contract code on the basis of three categories: i) Security, ii)Optimization and iii)Code Legibility. Each category starts with a grade of A+ . Every known issue lowers the grading based on the severity of the issue found.

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