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Why choose a Software Development Company over a Freelance Software Developer?

Software developers for startups are in higher demand than ever as the world of software for startups has become more competitive. It is, at times, time-consuming and overwhelming to pick the right developer for a software from a diverse talent pool of students, recent graduates and experienced professionals.

Unfortunately, a majority of startup founders make the mistake of hiring individual developers for their startup. It seems like a wise choice in the beginning but it may have catastrophic results in the long run. Most entrepreneurs make this deadly mistake while hiring developers for startups. Don’t be one of them.

The speed of a startup’s development is highly dependent on their development team. The more accurate, driven and skilled they are, the more the startup prospers. As a founder, it is difficult to judge the skill set of a developer for software especially if you are a non-technical founder.

Traditionally entrepreneurs look for good reviews on freelancing websites and choose the ones with mostly good reviews. It seems like a sensible choice at the first sight, spoiler alert! It isn’t.

Even if you choose a freelancer developer with the highest possible ranking and best of the best reviews, there is no guarantee that they will do the same for your project. Many freelancers have a dedicated team of their friends or fellow developers who work on individual projects whereas client interaction is done through the primary freelancer. There is absolutely no accountability in case of a goof-up and that is  a risk which you must not take is a budding entrepreneur.

Another issue is that most individual developers for startups work as an independent contractor and prefer compensation in terms of hours dedicated to projects rather than results.They may take longer to complete a project and maintain a minimum threshold level to ensure they are paid on an ongoing basis. They also won’t have the same dedication and zeal as a committed technical partner for start-up.

An individual contractor or developer for startup may take many leaves and work may suffer. No cover or compensation is offered to you for the delay in launching your product.

There is no surety that your startup’s information is safe with the developer for startup. There have been incidents when developers for startup deliberately left a bug so that he may be contacted again for fixing the code for software for a start-up!

Why should you hire a startup development company?
A startup development company is more professional, committed to results and are accountable for fulfilling the professional commitment they made with you. You can keep a check on the progress by project management system the software development company has.

The developer for startup is their full-time employees who are monitored for their performance. The work done is cross checked by their seniors and project managers so in a way you are ensuring your startup’s success and software development company does meticulous work to convert your startup idea into reality.

It has also been found that most entrepreneurs regret hiring too soon or too late for their startup. Developers for startups should be hired at the right time by startup founders. Candidates should be hired with laser like precision to ensure that the person with an ideal skill set and passion is on board.

The ideal approach should be focusing a balanced set of talent rather than opting for one developer for startup approach. A balanced team has experience, skills and passion and this variety helps avoid the much dreaded “burnout” in professionals.

When you hire a startup development company, all these concerns are taken care of the company itself. Also, your privacy is guaranteed as NDA is signed. You get quality work and a fair price is charged. You can also pay per milestone achieved in terms of results. You don’t have to micromanage the work of developers for a startup as the startup development company will do it on its end.

Make sure that you do a cost benefit analysis, skill set analysis, discuss your intellectual property right concerns before making a startup development company a technical partner for your startup.

Still searching for a technical partner for start-ups with a great track record of performing exceptionally well consistently?

Your search end with Techracers
Who are we?
Techracers is the one of the top startup development company. We have created tailored solutions for a wide range of industries over the years, adding new ventures and startups build business systems and mobile apps that provide long-term, subscription-based revenue.

We are pioneers in Blockchain Application Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Custom Software Development, Internet of Things(IoT), Cloud Computing and Digital Marketing for startups. We have most skilled developers for startups who have an unquenchable thirst for being numero uno. We take a pride in being a software development company who works painstakingly on each and every aspect of software development for startups.

Be it startup website development, website for startups, app development for startups or CRM software for startups we’ve done it all and aced at each level. We provide the best software developers for startups.

What we do?
We help startups to be technically sound. We understand the requirement of our clients and work in close association with them to include all IT and design essentials for the end user.

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