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Startup Website Development Trends in 2017

A startup’s website is a very important element. A website has the capability to make or break your startup business. At the end of the day, you can build a great site that might provide many benefits. But if it doesn’t move you closer to fulfilling the mission or objectives of your organization, then it is little more than a meaningless side-track.

Before moving on to the building part, it is essential to know the best techniques, technology, and trends going on in the development world. Here we have compiled the latest software development startups trends for you.

1)Ruby on Rails 5

Ruby on Rails is a popular web development framework for software development for startups. It is a very cost effective programming language. The cost to build a CRM software with Ruby on Rails is a very buyer friendly these days hence, it is considered to be one of the best options for CRM software for startups and software development for startups.

2) Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an integral part of our lives. The developments in Artificial development are intended to make processes faster and more efficient. Cloud computing and access to more data have to lead to the evolution of Artificial Intelligence which is quite popular in software development for startups.

3) Static site generators

Static site generators create great websites, they convert simple text into static websites or blogs. They also reduce the need for a database as web pages are not complex files and are able to run on servers. Static websites are more popular in bloggers. As it is available on low cost, it enhances performance and speed too thus, being a great choice for web development for startups.

4) Bots

Bots are designed to make users experience hassle free. Bots are a great choice for startup business software. Virtual assistants that reside in the chat bots assist the users in their online transactions like online shopping, banking, booking- all powered by chat.

5) JavaScript

JavaScript has a vibrant ecosystem of frameworks, technologies, and libraries. There are many fundamentals of JavaScript. Some of these are ES6, Builtin methods, Closures, Functions, Classes, Callbacks, RAIL, Node, and Express, etc. JavaScript is predicted to be the future of software development for startups. No doubt JavaScript has become a critical part of basic web development stack in a combo of HTML and CSS.

6) Motion UI

Motion UI is a library which is used for creating custom animations and CSS transitions. This updated version has more robust transition options, flexible CSS patterns and an animation queuing system that can work with any JS animation library.

Motion UI has more than two dozen animation classes and built-in transition that make prototyping easy and is a great choice for software development for startups.

7) Parallax effects

Parallax effect is one of the best ways of adding an extra dimension layer to the website development for startups.

8) Angular 2

Angular 2 is capable of robust data management, HTTP services, as well as non-code-dependent development features. Its interface allows to easily create and manage animation timelines with little coding. Whether it’s a progressive web app or a desktop app, Angular 2 can help deliver engaging experiences for end users

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