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Finding the right technical partner for your startup

The phrase “Looking for a start-up partner” is one of the most searched phrase by founders! All around the globe, entrepreneurs are looking for the best technical partner for their startups.

It is always advisable to partner with an organization for technical partnership. It is more cost effective and the founder gets the advantage of an experienced team of people. This could enable him/her to focus on core business goals whereas web or mobile application is taken care of by the technical partner. It also gives more flexibility and backup of few extra developers to scale up in future and not be entirely dependent one freelancing developer to do so.

People make the rookie mistake of saying “I’ll learn and code myself”. But that doesn’t work in the long run unless you are a coding wizard who is willing to put in many years to master the art and produce awesome apps.

There are few parameters based on which you can make the right choice of choosing the best technical partner for a startup:

  1. Have they done similar kind of partnership in the past?
  2. Do they have the required skill set to convert your startup dream into reality?
  3. Do they have proper infrastructure to meet the hardware and software requirements of your project?
  4. What are your expectations in terms of return on investment & milestones?
  5. Are they updated with latest technological trends in web and mobile app development?
  6. Can they meet deadlines?
  7. Can they adapt to your working style?
  8. Do you feel the synergy during the communication?
  9. How well do they communicate?
  10. Do they offer you unbiased honest feedback?

Get technical edge with Techracers
We, at Techracers, have been working extensively with startups from all across the globe to build unique, revolutionary and the best online applications. What separates us from the rest is our deep understanding of the entire Digital Startup ecosystem and our ability to empathize with our clients and the end users.

A professional association with us will be a mutually beneficial collaboration. You would get technical expertise from the most accomplished talent in the world of the software industry. We partner with startups with a great vision and team up with them to provide our technical adroitness to initiate the process of building amazing products with all IT and design essentials for the end user.

Our Start-up offerings include:

  1. Extensive Product and  Market Research
  2. Competition Analysis
  3. Agile + DevOps working methodology
  4. Create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  5. Rapid Prototyping Solutions
  6. Systematic breakdown of all features and Release Protocols and much more.

Contact us today and share your vision and mission with us. Let’s partner Mr. CEO 🙂

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