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Racers Diaries: Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai!

WOW, what a weekend! Felt like we went on a fun trip with friends. Techracers our second home where there is never a dull moment.

Here’s where the 2 days back-to-back celebration, fun, party, and craziness comes to an end. Let us rewind and start from the beginning of the masterplan. 🙂

It was on 1st of April that we got the news about our third office opening at the Crystal IT park and we were sure it’s some kind of a prank. Someone even commented- “Hey dude it’s 1st April, April FOOL day” Pakka it’s a hoax.

The next day we got a formal announcement from our CEO that we are opening our 3rd office in just one-year woohoo, what a growth man!!
The excitement was at its peak and a feeling of being a part of something big quadrupled our happiness.

Day 1 :-

We had our annual fest on 6th May, and 7th May was chosen as the Crystal IT Park Inauguration Day. We had very less time to plan everything and the party had to be the best one, as we are known to throw superb parties all the times. 😉 People were gathered, committees were formed, and the parties were put to place.

PLAN KE MUTABIK, the annual party made noise on 6th April at Insight farms. The foot thumping music and the hullabaloo of our team members could be heard from far, with our TECH TOOFANI’S (the official party planners) dance jig the house was set on fire. With a dash of fun, the party spirit sank in with activities and games and our two home grown anchors/stand up artists Pranjal & Ketan ensured there was never a dull moment.

What added more joy to this evening was the session of “Ask Me Anything”. But you know what makes this an interesting one? The questions were to be fired to the CEO. Yes! The CEO. With a little bit of this, that and what not, the session turned to be spectacularly entertaining. After all, not everyone gets a chance to question the CEO right?

Party Techracers

In due course, the jibber-jabber began and the music beats got everyone to shift to the dance floor. We laughed. We danced. We grooved. The aroma of refreshments and meals spread all over the place and in no time taste became our priority. Soon, the evening ended with people enjoying the bliss of cold water at the pool side, delicious eatables and the spirit of fun.

Day 2 :-

Techracers has always been our extended family and when our families were invited to the office inaugural function the ambience became furthermore ecstatic. Keeping this spirit alive, families were welcomed with the divine gesture of tilak on their foreheads and the celebration started with a thumping sound of drums.

We were finally able to see what we once used to dream of. Happy faces, real camaraderie and the vibes of our unique culture spreading all over. Followed by the ribbon cutting ceremony by hands of our chief guest, Mr. Pradeep Shrivastava ( Ex- IRS) cake cutting began amidst the cheers and claps. The vibrant colours of the interiors, inspiring quotes on the walls depicted our true spirit- the spirit of positivity and freedom that we imbibe. A new energy and contentedness was visible all over the faces of the people gathered there.

Innauguration Techracers IT Park

Amazing things happen when a community grows together, and we experienced that while the joyful spirits and laughter ran around in the corners of our new office.

While the night grew dark and everyone started heading home with a smile on their faces, Techracers family experienced brightness. Hundreds of people coming from different places, working on different roles constitute our whip-smart team. Their support of this two-day long event made the celebration worthy. It’s a great start for us and we’re very excited about the years to come which will bring us many more reasons to celebrate our culture and love for Techracers.

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