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  • Top 5 iOS 11 Features

Top 5 iOS 11 Features To Know About

For all the young and hungry Apple users out there, every fall brings something new and this time it’s going to be the much-awaited iOS 11. Yes, Apple has recently made exciting announcements about the release of iOS 11 features at the WWDC 2017 in San Jose, California. While the iOS 11 features upgrade has more focus towards improvising the functionality, it’s bringing out futuristic elements of augmented reality in games and apps.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and check out the seven most attractive and new iOS 11 features for iPad and iPhone:

DND while Driving
Do not disturb while driving is a unique one amongst the iOS 11 features that allows users to concentrate on the roads better while driving. This feature smartly detects the movement of the user while driving and it automatically silences the notifications coming on the iPhone while keeping the screen dark. The idea is to avoid accidents or traffic mishaps due to the disturbance caused due to mobile phones. On the top of that, users are also allowed to choose the option of sending an auto-reply to their favourite listed contacts.

Live Photos and Camera
There’s a lot added to the camera cart for the photographers out there. The live photos are equipped with the option of trimming video loops. Features such as reverse animation and long exposure enable users to take better advantage of their iPhone. The inbuilt camera will now have the technology of high-efficiency video coding thus resulting in crisp photos and videos with 2X compression.

Apple Pay
Payments will now be made super easy with Apple Pay. The only restriction in exchanging money via this feature is the necessity of an iOS availability on both the ends. However, this iOS 11 features will eliminate the need of third party apps and make transactions more smoother.

A simple instruction to Siri or a text via iMessage will be enough to transfer funds via credit/debit cards. This amount can then be used for purchasing or transferring into bank accounts via the Apple Pay Cash account.

Siri Translations
The absolute personal assistant, Siri, is going to get new voices. Yes! In fact, new voices will be introduced in both male and female versions which are expected to be more expressive and human-like. Using technologies of machine learning and AI, Siri will be equipped with on-device learning in order to provide suggestions while using Safari, Messages, Mails etc. It will also be able to translate words and phrases into a number of languages including French, Spanish, and German.

New Control Center
Keeping in mind the ease of use, the new Control Center has been modified smoothly. The new control screen can be customized as per the user preference for shortcuts. The default icons can now be clubbed with user customized toggle in the control center. Moreover, with the support of 3D touch, the volume can be adjusted by pushing down the icon itself.

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