August 30, 2018 Webinars

Techracers Webinar- Demystifying Blockchain in Healthcare

We hosted a webinar about Blockchain in Healthcare on the topic “Demystifying Blockchain in Healthcare – A Deeper Dive” on 29th August 2018. Healthcare is one of the most comprehensive ecosystem and blockchain holds a lot of potential in the healthcare industry.

Effortless data sharing between multiple parties of the healthcare system can yield better treatment results due to increased accuracy and cost-effectiveness. Blockchain for healthcare will allow smooth data sharing without compromising the data integrity and security.

In an effort to understand the utilization of Blockchain technology for the healthcare system, the current prevailing problems and their solutions, Mr. Ankur Maheshwari, CEO, Techracers and Mrs. Latha Sharma, CMO, Techracers, discussed the emerging use cases of Blockchain in Healthcare.

In case, you weren’t able to attend, you can find the replay available here




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