August 8, 2018 Meetups

Blockchain Meetup by Techracers

Ever since the blockchain has become a global phenomenon, it has sparked the imagination of tech-enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, financial investors and software developers to get in sync with it. Keeping this in consideration, we organized a meetup on 4th August 2018 at our Crystal IT Park office, which was focused on common spaces of the blockchain. The agenda of the meetup was to provide a deeper insight into the impact of Blockchain in various sectors and how this disruptive technology will help organizations in establishing a trustworthy, efficient and decentralized not-so-distant future.

Our in-house blockchain developers lead the speaking session and highlighted the importance of day-to-day challenges which Blockchain may address whilst educating the attendees through presentations. The 90-minute speaking session was shared by five of our in-house blockchain developers.

Here is the detailed timeline of the topics covered:

Session 1: Sumit Rajput, Senior Blockchain Developer Introduction to Blockchain

Our senior blockchain developer Sumit kick-started the speaking session by discussing the basics of blockchain and what it is about. He explained that a blockchain is simply a distributed network that does not need trusted entities. He also described how a typical blockchain really looks like and took a deep-dive into mining/block production along with some of the most popular blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Neo), their integrations and transactions.

Session 2: Tanuj Soni, Senior Blockchain DeveloperSmart Contracts

Tanuj get the ball rolling and introduced the attendees about Smart Contracts and the trust they inherit. The discussion was majorly focused on characteristics Smart Contracts possess such as Immutability and Distributed authority. He also elaborated how efficiently smart contracts work and how it can replace the global giant ‘Kickstarter’. Other topics covered by Tanuj were:

  •        Technologies used to create Smart Contracts
  •        What real-world problems do Smart Contracts solve?

Session 3- Chirag Bhaiji, Senior Blockchain Developer- Centralized, Decentralized and Distributed Storage

Moving further, Chirag gave a presentation on Distributed Storage and why it is bad idea to store data on a blockchain, also what is the use of specified hash in a blockchain network. He explained the key difference between Centralized, decentralized and distributed storage and what are the protocol networks that provide complete decentralization.

Speaker 4- Ayush Tiwari, Blockchain Developer- Permissioned and Permissionless blockchains

Ayush being a blockchain buff took the responsibility of enlightening our guests with a complete know-how about Permissioned and Permissionless blockchains and how to choose one of them. His presentation also covered a QnA session in which he also discussed different Permissioned and Permissionless solutions. Apart from the this, we also talked in brief about Hyperledger, Corda R3, Ripple and how they offer a permissionless ecosystem.

Speaker 5- Rishank Jhawar, Blockchain Developer- Blockchain Use Cases

The meetup wrap was taken care by Rishank in an entertaining session on Blockchain Use Cases in different industry verticals such as travel, insurance, healthcare, legal, real estate etc. He also explained how world changing technologies like IoT and Blockchain when combined can emerge as an exciting vision of future possibilities.

Being the thought leaders, we strive to create a learning ecosystem around blockchain technology by sharing knowledge among developer community and aspiring blockchain developers. In future we have plans to organize such meetups every month where we will deepdive into the depths of blockchain and digital ledger.

You can check out the recorded session in our YouTube Podcast Playlist which is dedicated towards propagating blockchain learning.

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