October 18, 2018 Meetups

Blockchain Meetup on Decentralized Applications (DAPP)

Meetup Details:

Topic: “Decentralized Applications (DAPP)”
Date: 13th October 2018
Location: Techracers, 6th floor, Crystal IT Park, Indore

We had the privilege of organizing Indore’s first blockchain meetup on Decentralized Applications. This meetup was a technical deep dive session on dApps and the growing push towards blockchain adoption. Here is the detailed timeline of the tech conversations:

Session 1: Sharlet Wilson, Senior Blockchain Developer – Introduction to DAPP

Our senior blockchain developer Sharlet started the speaking session by discussing the basics of Decentralized Applications (DApps), its features and how it differs from traditional web applications. She explained how to use Ethereum JavaScript APIs (Web3.js) and outlined JSON-RPC. Below are the highlights from her speaking session:

  • How Infura provides access to Ethereum APIs (when creating a dApp on a public chain)
  • Employing Ganache to setup a personal blockchain for testing and amplifying the development process
  • Employing Geth command line tool to connect to the Ethereum network
  • Web3.js- How it makes the development easy by avoiding raw JSON-RPC requests

Session 2: Jayesh Bairagi, Senior Blockchain Developer – Steps involved to create a decentralized election application

Jayesh further elaborated the session and explained how to create a Decentralized Election Application. Further, he demonstrated a client-side application written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and showed how we can connect it to a local blockchain that we are running. Below are the highlights from his speaking session:

  • Roles of Chairperson, Voters and the Candidates
  • Adding a new candidate to the list
  • Granting permission to the voters to participate in an election
  • Election Dapp
    • Candidate Page
    • Voter Page
    • Unauthorized voters
    • Vote Counts
  • Ganache – local and in-memory blockchain
  • Directory Structure of a dApp
    • Using Truffle tool to create a boilerplate for the application
  • Election Contract -Deploying Smart contract to a local Ethereum blockchain
    • Defining variable and events for an Election Contract
    • Defining overall business logic
  • Function to add new candidate
  • Function to authorize voter
  • Function to toggle election status
  • Function to cast new votes
  • Client-side application- Employing HTML, CSS and JavaScript Coding

Check out the developer’s presentation here: http://bit.ly/2pXbh7P

Our meetups are focused on propagating blockchain knowledge and providing valuable opportunities for others to explore the new frontiers of Blockchain.

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