August 6, 2018 Podcasts

PODCAST on What are Smart Contracts & ICOs?

As we are moving ahead with our tech conversations, our blockchain developers Nidish Ramakrishnan and Prateek Gupta conducted a tech conversation where they discussed Smart Contracts and ICOs. The main hypothesis of the conversation is that how these smart contracts establish an ecosystem of distributed consensus in the digital online world.

They also discussed some compelling specific applications and potential of Smart Contracts in various sectors and how can aspiring blockchain developers learn its design and implementation. They also shed light on ICOs and why are businesses nowadays going crypto, further discussing the importance of legitimacy of authentic ICOs.

Here is the gist:

  • What are the potential benefits of smart contracts for financial institutions and their customers?
  • What groundwork is required for developing and deploying smart contracts?
  • What are the technologies used to build smart contracts?
  • What is the basic setup required for Smart Contract?
  • Writing the first smart contract
  • Understanding the importance of ICOs and their legitimacy
  • Compiling and deploying the smart contract for beginners

Check out the complete conversation here

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