September 14, 2018 Meetups

Blockchain Meetup on Smart Contract Development Using Solidity

In our first blockchain meetup, our developers provided an overview of the blockchain technology, highlighting decentralized consensus as its backbone. In this meetup, we escalated further and discussed Smart Contracts and Solidity language.  

Meetup Details:

Topic: Smart Contract Development Using Solidity

Date: 8th September 2018

Location: Crystal IT Park Indore


Detailed Timeline of the meetup:

Session 1: Nidish Ramakrishnan, Senior Blockchain Developer- Introduction to Smart Contracts

He kick-started speaking session by sharing his thoughts on key aspects of blockchain and explained the basics of Smart Contracts along with its key properties. Here are the topics he covered:

  • Difference between Traditional Contract and a Smart Contract
  • Smart Contracts on Bitcoin
  • A usual Bitcoin transaction
    • Slower transaction time
  • Lack of Turing completeness in bitcoin
  • Ethereum using a Turing complete language
  • Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)
  • Basic examples of smart contracts on Ethereum

Session 2: Prateek Gupta, Senior Blockchain Developer- Key Functions of a Smart Contract

Prateek deep dived into the technical aspects and key components of a typical Smart Contract and explained the commands and functions used in the Ethereum Smart contract ecosystem. Below are the functions he discussed:

Session 3: Luv Sharma, Senior Blockchain Developer- Smart Contract Deployment

Luv demonstrated a Sample Smart Contract (mentioned below) and its deployment. He also explained how to initiate a Token transfer by exposing an ERC20basic interface on Remix IDE and under what criteria the transactions fail to occur.

Our meetups are focused on propagating blockchain knowledge and providing valuable opportunities for others to explore the new frontiers of Blockchain. Follow our YouTube Channel to check out the recorded session which is dedicated towards blockchain learning.

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