November 27, 2018 News

Media Coverage: Techracers article on Drug Lifecycle Management with respect to DSCSC Regulations and Blockchain

With new DSCSC regulations, pharmaceutical companies are revolutionizing their current processes and systems so as to ensure that the entire working line realizes the new regulatory environment. As the pharmaceutical industry prepares itself for serialization, many questions arise in regards to best practices that will ensure product traceability throughout the supply chain and compliance on an international scale.

In the process, many questions arise in regards to drug authenticity and provenance tracking. We shared our thoughts in an article explaining how blockchain adheres to DSCSA guidelines and impact the global pharma industry. The article was shared by a global content sharing platform Aspioneer.

Here are links to the published article (Mag Shelf section on the website):

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Such associations help us reach out to the masses, educate them about blockchain technology and help in the overall adoption for a digitized future.

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