August 2, 2018 Webinars

Webinar on Blockchain Trends and Uses Cases

We conducted our first blockchain webinar on Thursday, 26 July, covering the topic- Latest Blockchain trends and industry use-cases. We’re delighted to share that the webinar was a huge success for us and we’ll look forward to conducting more such sessions in the future. It was a great experience to execute something like this.

The webinar shed a light on how Blockchain technology has evolved over the past few years and the trends that are making it to the limelight in the Blockchain world. Our CEO, Mr. Ankur Maheshwari was the speaker for the webinar where he talked about the potential of blockchain technology and how it’s solving day-to-day issues for a common people. The discussion also revolved around how people from various industries are showing interest in the blockchain sector.

Here are some key highlights from the webinar:

  • The webinar introduction included basics of blockchain technology.
  • The discussion slowly shifted towards the volatility of the blockchain market and the up and downs it has faced in the year 2017-2018.
  • Explained that blockchain is not a destructive technology but a foundational one and compared its existence with internet. As email is the killer app for internet, Ankur has compared bitcoin as a killer app for blockchain technology.
  • Shed light on various blockchain platforms being used in the market like Ethereum, EOS etc.
  • Talked around the various blockchain versions and why they need to be upgraded.
  • Shared how far is blockchain from real-world applications and by what time it will be able to penetrate in all the sectors.
  • Why enterprises are afraid of adopting blockchain technology in their existing products and services.
  • Real life use cases of blockchain technology in various sectors like healthcare, supply chain, fintech industry etc.
  • Had a deep discussion on how the blockchain technology will be able to overcome the issue like interoperability and patient data security, drug provenance in the healthcare industry.
  • Talked about the recent Facebook data leak scandal. How blockchain technology will allow the user to control their personal data stored in this kind of social networking website
  • Last but not the least, the webinar ┬áhad a discussion of blockchain existence in the telecom sector.


Missed your chance to attend our blockchain webinar? Don’t worry, we’ve your back.


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