July 13, 2018 Webinars

Webinar on Latest Blockchain Trends and Industrial Use Cases

The enthusiasm around the potential of blockchain in various sectors has reached all-time highs, we have witnessed a hunger building across different industries for real use cases.  Through hands-on experience with the Digital Ledger Technology, we are now able to validate the true potential of blockchain in various sectors such as Telecom, Healthcare, Social Media etc.

Techracers is delighted to announce its first webinar session which will shed light on blockchain technology, its adoption and how it is benefitting people and businesses worldwide by solving the problem related to personal identity and data privacy.

About this webinar:

In this webinar, we will discuss our experience in making a trustworthy ecosystem for businesses to pilot blockchain by signifying its compelling business value. It will also cover conversation around various deployment considerations that are key to blockchain deployment success including privacy, security, compliance, interoperability, integration, identity, performance.

Our speaker, Ankur will talk about the potential of blockchain and how it can solve day-to-day issues for a common man. A segment will also cover topics related to reducing frauds and improving patient data management in existing healthcare ecosystem and how are companies actively leveraging blockchain for social media.

About the speaker:


Ankur Maheshwari
CEO/Director of Research at Techracers


Being an IIT Kharagpur alumni, Ankur shares a vision of having a better future with disruptive technologies. He comes with more than 15 years of experience in software development. As the Director of Research at Techracers, he has been leading the development of multiple products on blockchain like wallets, decentralized exchanges, predictive betting marketplaces, consensus algorithm focused on scalability and fintech solutions that leverage decentralized ledgers. His experience varies, starting with setting up of entire new engineering and product teams, to leading a geographically distributed and cross-functional team of 200+ developers.

Attend this webinar along with the leading industry experts as they dive into how the blockchain technology can impact the future and get to know the top trends associated with it. Moreover, there will be an exclusive Q&A session where you can interact with Ankur and ask any questions you have about blockchain.

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