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How to choose the right web developer for your startup?

All companies run successfully by the efforts of people and teams. In a startup, hiring a good web developer along with other technical staff is crucial. This step will determine how good will your online presence be and would also enable virtual interaction with your customers.

A successful web development project is made up of:
  1. A good business plan (made after extensive research)
  2. Well planned execution
  3. Well executed programming

Most clients make the classic mistake of choosing a freelancer instead of an agency in order to cut the costs. However, experience and credibility is the key to successful web development. Choosing an agency is always considered a smarter choice because:

  1. Agencies offer better resource availability
  2. You can expect better return of investment
  3. You don’t have to micro-manage the developers

Choosing the right technical partner is important as the way they would work and apply business practices, would directly impact your business.

Here are few parameters that may help you in choosing the right technological partner.
  1. Look for an organization that has an experience of handling projects of a similar kind as that of a startup. Also, assess their technical skills and expertise before signing up.
  2. Look for the correct aptitude and energy. A team who shares your vision and passion is more likely to deliver the desired results.
  3. Focus on open-ended questions while technical interviews. Try and ask them if your concept was their own, how they would have breathed life into it? What technologies would have they used? These questions would serve the dual purpose of assessing their knowledge as well as verifying if they understand your startup concept well.
  4. Look at the work they’ve done before.
  5. Ask them if they would sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to safeguard and protect your startup idea
  6. Check if they have proper infrastructure to support the desired work
  7. Will they provide post development and post-launch support?
  8. Will they be able to complete the work within the deadline that you have in mind? If not, why?
  9. Do you feel the “click” when you communicate with them? Always trust your gut instinct. Do not pick a team until you feel the zeal. Pick someone who would give you honest insight into your project.

Right people are crucial to the success of your business. Pick people who can do the work you want and are willing to really listen to you. The ones who can create a product that reflects your business and can keep within your budget and timeframe.

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