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Webinar Healthcare Blockchain

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Blockchain Technology comes with unique features like immutability and transparency that promote its implementation in different industry sectors. One of the most promising sector amongst these is the Healthcare industry. Learn how blockchain powered health information exchanges will make healthcare more efficient and usable.

Save your spot for our upcoming webinar- “Demystifying Blockchain in Healthcare – A Deeper Dive” to explore the use cases of blockchain in healthcare and beyond. During this webinar,  Techracers CEO, Mr. Ankur Maheshwari and CMO, Mrs. Latha Sharma will share the scope of blockchain in healthcare and trends around it.

What Will You Learn?

  Use Cases of Blockchain in Healthcare

  How is Blockchain Changing the Current Healthcare System?

  Blockchain Health Applications for Future

Meet the Speaker


Ankur Maheshwari | CEO, Techracers

Date and Time

Wednesday, August 29 at 11am PT | 2pm ET | 6pm UTC