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It’s no secret that Blockchain is the new revolution in the technology world now. It’s being embraced by different industries and people all over the world. However, despite the increasing popularity, the concept of blockchain is still cloudy and so are its uses for different industries.

In this webinar, we’ll bring forward the concept of blockchain with better clarity and the trends that are making it to the limelight in the Blockchain world.

Along with this, we’ll be showcasing the industry use cases of blockchain in different sectors from healthcare to social media to telecom and many more.

What Will You Learn?

   What is Blockchain technology?

   The latest trends in Blockchain technology

   How Blockchain technology is being used in different industries

Meet the Speaker


Ankur Maheshwari | CEO, Techracers

Date and Time

Thursday, July 26 at 11am PT | 2pm ET | 6pm UTC